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  • M. Feldman - this is wonderful

    I saw 2 children playing with this on the Katie show and decided it was something my granddaughters aged 7 and 9 might like. i was right. they loved it

  • Amazon Customer - Wonderful ointment

    I have lived years with prurigo nodularis with no relief. In just 5 days, the Emuaid moisture bar in combination with the Emuaid ointment, it is almost cleared up. It is unbelievable since I have tried several prescription ointments with no relief. I plan to continue using both products. It has also stopped the vicious itching cycle.

  • Maria R Garza - he has being taking them for a month and I haven't notice any improvement but I notice his energy level went up a lot before tak

    I purchased this vitamins hoping they will clear my son's mild acne, he has being taking them for a month and I haven't notice any improvement but I notice his energy level went up a lot before taking them he would spend most of his free time napping now he is more active and happier so I will keep buying them! I'm really hoping his acne improves in the following weeks maybe I'm expecting results to soon. I got to say he hates the flavor and size and the amount of pills he has to take but orange juice solves the problem! Over all great product! Five stars

  • A. M. Shipley - Best manual transmission gear oil

    I bought this Mobil 1 gear oil to replace the factory fill gear oil in my Hyundai Accent. I had a local lube shop do the job as they charged only $25 to drain & fill and dispose of the used gear oil.

  • Chen Sun - Unfair on high priced installation support

    My HP came with Norton antivirus trial, and I installed McAfee 2013, which seems to have worked. Norton still had residual components, but I can't recall whether this is due to Norton or McAfee removal processes. When I tried to update to McAfee 2014, I expected to simply enter in a new code-- maybe 5 minutes. Instead, the process turned in 70 minutes.

  • lindogatito - It was still good, though

    I was used to buy this product at the store before and I decided to give it a try at Amazon, however the flavor tasted a little different as if it wasn't made by the same Company. It was still good, though.

  • Barbara Cheney - Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover ...

    I have some severe hard water and calcium deposits on the bathtub in my apartment. This product has not removed the problem entirely but has come a long way in getting it clean. Now I feel like I am getting into a reasonably clean shower. Even straight bleach has not helped as much as CLR. I am going to use the soray bottle form daily.