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CARDIOGNOSIS™ by Kouvoussis Emmanuele - Καρδιολόγος στην Γλυφάδα, CARDIOGNOSIS, Καρδιλοόγος στην Ανω Γλυφάδα, Αρτηριακή Πίεση, Λιπίδια, Κολπική Μαρμαρυγή.OurDoctor.grA site for healthcare providers who are interested in cardiology,high blood pessure,dyslipidemia,atrial fibrillation,coronary artery disease and patients with cardiocirculatory problems.

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  • midwesterner - H&R block home deluxe

    Nothing like going to an accountant to fill your taxes one gets a personal touch familiar faces. This helps prepare the tax return and you ready to ask the right question and budget for that day.

  • JUSTIN G GARDNER - An Excercise in Compromise

    I have been considering installing subwoofers in my truck for quite some time, but the only space is under the rear seats. It is a tight fit. Name-brand custom-made enclosures are very expensive, and the local car audio shop wanted $100 for a one-subwoofer box. This seemed a little high to me. When I found this box on Amazon, at an attractive price, I decided to pull the trigger. I found some inexpensive Polk Audio 10" subs that, the manufacturer recommends .66 cubic feet of air space and the subs take up about .03 in the box. So that gives me .6 in the box. With some polyfill this should be a close match.

  • Kristen Welch - Good selection of music and more family friendly than other ...

    Good selection of music and more family friendly than other dance games. It's fun with up to 4 people can dancing, so better for kids. Dance moves are harder to follow-less instructions

  • canim - There are much better options

    This kit is small, the skeleton is small and somewhat cheap compared to others. The best ones we have found are the T Rex and Triceratops from Mindware. Much bigger digging surface, more skeleton pieces, better tools, MUCH better skeleton model in the end. We have both and this one pales in comparison.