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CardioCare - CardioCare provides education and in-consult tools, to support Australian healthcare professionals managing cardiovascular disease.

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  • John Chiocchi - Still the classic protection after all these years.

    Scotchgard Fabric Protector has been around for a very long time. This is an easy to use product that gives you the edge over spills on fabric. Protecting furniture is one of the more popular uses of Scotchgard because it does a great job while being easy to apply.

  • Dawn & James - Head Turners!

    I fell in love with these glasses the minute I saw them. I get a ton of compliments from people as well. Well worth the buy. I received these glasses promptly, in great shape without any issues. They are so comfortable to wear, although they are more delicate then other glasses I have worn possible because I have never bought a decent pair of glasses in the past. Love, love them!

  • Mommymemommy - Perfect for a larger, normal business, not great for eBayers or personal use

    This program is a dream for a small or large business. It keeps everything organized and has lots of detailed yet easy and simple to use sections on customers, inventory, you name it. However, I was trying to use it for my eBay and Amazon sales and it's just way overboard for that and TOO complicated. So if you are looking for something to keep track of your online sales I would look elsewhere. I was also hoping that I could use it for personal along with my business; but again, it's not at all set up for even a basic budget outside of business.

  • richard e grady - bought it for my grandson prior to his taking ASVAB ...

    bought it for my grandson prior to his taking ASVAB to join the military and it seems very well done.

  • WLaurenB - Modern Day Snake Oil

    Just read the packaging. Does this stuff really make your hair thicker? No, it makes it "appear" thicker (about as well as any other volumizing product). Does it really keep your hair from falling out? No, "it reduces hair loss due to breakage from external factors" (what the heck does breakage from external factors mean??). Does it really revitalize the scalp? Only "when massaged in" (um, do ya think that maybe it's the massaging that revitalizes the scalp, not the product??). Shame on this company for playing on the desperation of a woman whose losing her hair to make an obscene profit on a worthless product! Yes, I fell for it, and it angers me that I was taken by a complete scam. Save your money ladies, this stuff just doesn't do anything but make you smell like a bottle of men's Vitalis hair tonic.