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The CARB Syndrome Project - CARB Syndrome plan, a new disease process - The CARB Syndrome Project -- Our Mission Statement: "To Inform the world about a newly described disease called CARB Syndrome that is decimating our population

  • CARB Syndrome - What Is It - Carbohydrate Associated Reversible Brain Syndrome - CARB Syndrome- Dr. Bill Wilson will teach you everything you need to know about this remarkable new disease model and provide you with the tools you will need to conquer the disease and reclaim your health.
  • Contact Dr. Wilson - Contact Dr. Wilson form details on Carb Syndrome - Carbohydrate Associated Reversible Brain Syndrome
  • Ask Dr. Bill Wilson - Carb Syndrome - Carbohydrate Associated Reversible Brain Syndrome - Submit your questions to Dr. Wilson and he will share his thoughts and opinions.
  • Don’t Panic - It’s Probably Your Diet! - The CARB Syndrome Project - The concept of panic disorder began to slowly evolve in the psychiatric community. The term “panic disorder” didn’t enter the psychiatric lexicon until 1980
  • CDC Gets Obesity Wrong - Adult Obesity Prevalence - Adult Obesity Prevalence Maps” informing us about the level of obesity in every state of the union.
  • Nutritional Psychiatry - The CARB Syndrome Project - Eating healthy whole foods and avoiding highly processed manufactured “fake” food is the best way to avoid food-induced brain dysfunction or CARB syndrome.
  • Food-Brain Connection - Highly processed food and common brain disorders - Experts have recognized the connection between highly processed food and various common brain disorders.
  • The ADHD Diet Connection - The CARB Syndrome Project - Highly restrictive diet helps more than 50% of children with ADHD and in some cases the condition virtually disappeared.
  • The Messy World of Science and Biology - The CARB Syndrome Project - We have observed that there at least 22 brain dysfunction symptoms associated with CARB syndrome and patients will tend to have most or all of these symptoms
  • Message to Donald Trump: Climb that Wall! - The CARB Syndrome Project - Donald Trump has proposed that we build a fence along our border with Mexico to keep all the illegal immigrants out of our country. 

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  • Raj. - Great software

    I have been using Norton for the past 10 years and it has never disappointed me. This software was on sale for 20 bucks during Black Friday and it is a great product.

  • Amazon_Customer - Not the best

    I am a loyal Asics customer and usually buy about 2-3 pairs a year for work and exercise, etc. I bought these for less than 30 on eBay. They run a tad bit small. Very flimsy and quite warm (I live in the desert so that is disappointing). Anything above $30 I wouldn't say is worth it for these.

  • Jodi Schulze - An ok phone but not good enough

    I like the design of the phone and it does take pretty great pictures. However, when on a call and trying to hang up the screen stays black and won't allow you to press the end button. Regardless of which button on the side you press. Also it closes out of applications in the middle of using them for no apparent reason. It freezes and doesn't have the best set up for text messaging. The battery life is poor and doesn't last very long at all. I wouldn't reccommend the product.

  • Patricia - Great bra

    I have several of these bras. It's comfortable, fits well, the butterscotch color is a good neutral, and it works with all my clothing necklines. The ones I bought in a store were wrinkle-free, but those I ordered online required vigorous steaming to remove creases in the foam as they are packaged folded in a tiny sealed bag.