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  • Unyalimon - Best Gaming Mouse Pad ever

    I like a large page for gaming. I've tried several, and the smell of recent popular pads was overwhelming (nasty toxic rubber smell), so I had to toss them. My entire office stunk with just one pad in it. So, I went a little nuts and ordered about a dozen large pads including the SteelSeries QcK heavy black mousepad. This pad won, hands down. The foam rubber base is double the thickness of a typical large pad which, although different, is very comfortable and the mouse surface has just enough traction/resistance for my style, but is very smooth. Did I mention it's BIG - larger than any other pad I've seen - perfect for me. It is the most comfortable (and un-stinky) pad I've ever owned. I hope this is a reflection of quality in their other products but this pad is great.

  • GailRedd - Fits perfect. Half the price

    The RTIC handle helps me to carry my tumbler around safely. Fits perfect. Half the price, just as nice!

  • Mengxiong Liu - Great traveling tips!

    Excellent! Rick gives a lot of great traveling tips! A must for travelers. Glad I bought it before my traveling.

  • D. Alm - Get some!

    I feel the effects of this one (sustained all day energy without the jitteriness and peaks and valleys experienced with coffee and energy drinks, and mental acuity) much more than I do the new BTT 2.0, but the new mango one tests way better. If the taste doesn't bother you stick with this one, I add a krystal lyte type powder of cherry or fruit punch to make it palatable.

  • aundreeuh - I love this stuff.

    I don't know what people are complaining about. I love this stuff. However, I disagree that it isn't addicting, because I have gotten to where I can't sleep without it. It DOES take a long time to kick in. I'd say to give it a good 2-3 hours before you feel it. So, when I want to be in bed by 10, I usually take it around 6:30 or 7. Works for me, and it don't feel groggy in the mornings.

  • Eviebarbi - On Tablets & mobile like Ipad, Iphone, Ipod & Android Don't be Deceived & False Advertisement

    I know that there aren't any anti virus for tablets yet, but I thought this had it is the reason why I bought it.On the box it says "Compatible with Android & Apple IOS Tablets, IPhone & IPad" (under operating systems.)This only means you can get the "App" for the Secure website Browser - for browsing securely on the net. I'm about to upgraded to Lion on my Mac & once I do, I will install this anti virus & will update!my review.

  • Bill S. - Cheap Product Expensive Price

    Do yourself a favor and buy the cheap ones from target. they last longer. My daughter wore these for about a month - and not even every day. They literally cracked/ripped on the top of the foot near the black strap. 2 large gashes on one boot and another large rip on the other boot. I wouldn't have minded the price b/c they are really cute but it was not worth it for us. save your money.