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  • MKH in NYC - This is an amazing and life-transforming book

    This is an amazing and life-transforming book. My 78-year old father--on 26 medications per day for diabetes, gout, hypertension, cholesterol, allergies, arthritis, etc. followed this plan and in 6 weeks went from 26 meds to 6 meds per day, his formerly out of control diabetes (with a blood glucose int he 300s-400s daily and an A1C of 10.0--and THIS on 75U of Lantus per day and 26U of Humulog--actually got back to normal numbers. He got down to the 100s eating a whole-food plant based diet and OFF insulin and on a very low dose of a diabetes drug. He got off the diuretic that was supposed to control his leg and feet swelling (and it wasn't)--and when he went off and started eating a whole food plant based diet, his swelling in his legs completely went away. His high triglycerides dropped ~75 points. His markers of inflammation lower dramatically. He lost 25 pounds and was never hungry and enjoyed the food. Smoothies every day and all the fruit he could eat as well as prepared whole foods. He did not stick to it, unfortunately for a variety of reasons--and now he is reversing back and his blood sugars are rising. He has gone BACK on the statin because his cholesterol jacked right back up once he returned to eating bacon and cheese. Now he feels like crap all the time again.

  • Maria I. - Some fun at the party

    These balloons are so much fun. I ordered them for a party I will have for my girls and I thought they would be something different. I like the fact they they are different colors and create a nice atmosphere, but the light is a little hard to see unless it is dark so I will have to plan accordingly and place them in a lower lit location. They seem to be of good quality but nothing too special besides the light. Has three settings and I thought is fun having them go in all three. I thought they are a little pricey, but otherwise fun.

  • Bryan Silver - Succeeds where others fail

    I bought to repair a glass window in a convertible top when dealer said to buy a new top -- everyone online recommended this as the only bonding agent to use and I was not sorry. Not messy, easy to control with provided tips and bonds the first time. Takes a little longer to "set" than some super glues, but also seems more solid than others as well. Worth every penny.

  • Jenna F - I think this is my favorite case ever

    I think this is my favorite case ever. I love that it holds my cards securely. The magnet is strong and stays shut. I can fit 4 cards inside which I really love. I use a magnet phone holder in the vents of my car and I love that the magnet on this case is strong enough to hold my phone up as I drive as well as hold the cards securely in the case. My husband got this case for his phone and I loved it so much I bought one for my phone as well. I love it.