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  • Jag K. - Works like magic ! Yay ! great for type 2 female pattern baldness

    This product works best and hides all my bald patches. It is best go to product along with Minoxidil 5% solution. ....

  • jeanine dowling - It is very nice to have this protable charger, especially during power outages!

    I've had this portable charger for over 6 months. It is very nice to have around, especially during power outages, it gives me peace of mind.

  • I Love Dogs - If you loved watching as a kid

    If you loved watching as a kid...and still watch reruns you will love this. You will learn haw they both started and I never knew about Desi's life in Cuba. Very good read. Could not put it down

  • Marc - Brilliant

    Seeing as nobody has yet reviewed the 2012 vinyl edition, I thought I'd be the first. To start, it's a phenomenal reissue, despite the price tag (nearly $50). Anyway, the artwork is nearly identical to the original 1979 release, and the vinyl is 180 grams. It's a very good pressing, with no unwanted surface noise. Great dynamics too. Don't be fooled by the poorly pressed DSOTM release from a few months back; this is pretty much as good as vinyl reissues get. Also included is a new poster, which is probably around five by five feet. It contains all of the lyrics to the album printed over a brick overlay, much like the cover. It's a very nice touch. Anyway, don't let the hefty price tag deter you from purchasing this. It really is a quality product and the music is absolutely brilliant.

  • Healthy Guy - My brain is definitely working faster with more available choline.

    I've used a number of brain enhancers aka nootropics. Some have been good, some have made my mind or brain feel faster but didn't feel good on my body. I did some research on Alpha GPC and asked Vitamonk if I could try their product and review it on amazon in exchange for a discounted price. They agreed, so I got to try it.