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  • Jim Martin - Piece of Crap Software Program and company

    I wholeheartedly agree with all the other reviewers who gave negative reviews on this product and the company that produces it. I have had similar issues and then some. And I'm no fool when it comes to computers (aside from that foolish moment I had when I bought this program). Let's all do our best and cause them to go out of business by not purchasing ANY of their products and slamming them whenever the opportunity arises. Hopefully, some of their employees will read some of the reviews on Amazon and other sites (those few of them who actually can read, that is). It is a total piece of crap. I mean the program, the customer support, the company, and heck, and "the whole kit and kaboodle."

  • Bunny Cates (WeAreWordNerds) - This works great but because the tip is so bulky

    This works great but because the tip is so bulky, the ends of my hair do not straighten. I still have to use a flat iron on about the last inch of my hair.

  • J. Brown - Really helps with dry mouth

    I had an issue of always waking up with cotton mouth and google it. I read reviews that this mouth wash is alcohol free and helps with dry mouth so I tried it. Sure enough it really helped.

  • Gordon D. Janssen - Incredible. It is like most of the OTC products containing

    ...the active ingredient in Benadryl It MAY give one an hour or perhaps slightly more, then immediately turns into some cheap diet pill or caffeine nervousness and you toss and turn the rest of the night. So many OTC herbals and Benadryl type products just turn on you and either raise blood pressure as Melatonin or cause anxiety. I would rather just lay helpless and rest as I barely do.

  • Phil McGlass - First Homebrew Experience?

    Overall, I think this is a good product. It worked quite well and the instructions were clear and easy to understand. In my opinion, I made good beer on my first attempt. I will continue to try the other recipes.

  • vhall - Hallmark Card 2012 Deluxe

    The graphics and text on the initial screens are blurry and difficult to read. The software system requirements states it is compatible with Windows XP which is my operating system. I contacted the Hallmark support center and they could not resolve this problem. When you "preview" a card it is very clear so I have tried to use the product. I am considering returning this item and purchasing an older version that has the bugs worked out.