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  • E. Green - A great cup of espresso.. UPDATE 1/2/13

    There are so many informative reviews, like L. Hamilton's, that I don't need to rehash them. I bought mine for my girlfriend to use as I didn't like coffee. Everything I tried from Starbucks tasted like acid. Along with the unit I ordered some well reviewed Lavazza Gusto espresso bricks. Within minutes I loved coffee (at least the coffee I make). I have since settled on Lavazza Rossa as my go-to blend. Pure arabica doesn't work for me.

  • Rebekah L Thompson - Australian Gold

    I absolutely love this product for sure! Not to mentioned I save literally over $80 buying it on Amazon vs a tanning salon. Great product and Amazon is really good on delivering on time as well!

  • michele - I used these weight drops when I ran out of ...

    I used these weight drops when I ran out of the competitors drops and I wanted to stretch out my diet program. They work just as well. I still want too lose more weight, down 30 , so I will continue to use the rest after my reset mode.

  • LouLou Brooks - Pleasantly surprised.

    I was skeptical about this product but am willing to try ANYTHING to solve my pre maturely aging skin problems (worry lines and crows feet at the ripe age of 27!! thanks tanning beds...). This is the first product that I've used in the past year that I really do feel like has made a difference. It stings a touch putting it on, but my skin is a little sensitive. Otherwise, it smells lovely and makes my skin look baby fresh when I wake up in the morning. TO be fair, I'm using a couple other products in conjunction that I know help: rosehip oil from Pai skincare, a homemade toner made of water and apple cider vinegar, a goji berry scrub 1x a week and a bentonite mask 1x a week.

  • Black endorsement - this stuff works, even for Black people

    Something that many people of color know when shopping for personal care products is to pay very close attention to whether or not a particular product works for "us" as well. Well this stuff does. I don't think I will realistically ever be able to grow waves again, but using this product at least buys me a few days before my balding spot becomes too noticeable. I also happened to have a prescription for Tretinoin from my dermatologist and read articles online that using the two products together can enhance hair growth. So I use both, only using the Tretinoin in the mornings.