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  • Does Exercise Affect Your Sleep? Do they make you sleep better? - In this post we explain if its a good thing to do some light exercise and what exercises are the best ones to promote a better sleep.
  • Sleep Apnea and Sleeping pills. Is it Safe to take Sleeping Pills? - Sleeping Pills and sleep Apnea..Is it safe to take them or should you first consult your GP? What is Sleep Apnea and what are the symptoms...
  • Signs of Sleep Deprivation - What can you do? - Every adult should get seven-nine hours of sleep daily but a lot of people suffer from sleep deprivation. Check this page for the symptoms. Get Help!
  • Relationship Between Diet and Sleeping Patterns - Certain foods that we consume can interfere with our sleeping patterns. Eating too little or much can disrupt sleep. Read here what you should or not eat.

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  • Captain No Beard - Great for the money!

    I had gotten wind that Sandy was going to be worse than Irene so I did a quick search on Amazon and this came up on the first page. It was priced for $299 and I figured I had more than $300 worth of food in the fridge. I lost power and a full tank lasted me longer than the average 8 hours. This was one of the best purchases I have ever done on Amazon, I was warm, I had TV fresh food, I was able to make my neighbors coffee. For the price you cannot really go wrong, the only con to this generator would be that there is no line for a 220 on here but again for $300 it is well worth it.

  • CeeJ - Five Stars

    Rubicon Unlimited Hard rock rides smooth on pavement and rough surfaces. Can't wait to take this on the trail.