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  • C. L. Swearingen - Please read if covering a dark-colored tub!

    First of all, a disclaimer. I'm a fairly successful DIYer. I've done a lot of painting and staining and I felt I could do a good job with this.

  • Jetti - It Works OK for the Price but I Would Check the Competition before Commiting to It

    I have used a number of high end music programs so I must admit I am a bit spoiled. Unfortunately most of the high end programs are geared toward music production and distribution via digital formats not paper based distribution. My first experience with sheet music generating programs was an old program from Cake Walk. I believe it was called Music Write. You may still be able to find it cheap on Amazon or E Bay. Cake Walk made a more sophisticated version called Music Write 2000 which I never had much success with, but this gives you an idea the vintage of this software, It could only manage a single instrument line (both Bass and Treble Clef). It allowed adding guitar chord diagrams and lyrics. It allowed you to connect to a midi keyboard as both input and output so you could hear your creation with various instruments. It started recording directly from your keyboard and stopped when you hit stop or ran out of memory. Almost as soon as you stopped the notes magically appeared on the staff lines. You could move individual notes up or down or copy or delete parts with the mouse. It was simple and very useful for a budding singer or songwriter. Its primary limitation was that it could only handle a single instrument. Unfortunately the problems become greater when you add multiple instruments and sound tracks. Even the faster PCs of today choke if you try to add too many parts. So I can sympathise with Finale attempting to track multi instruments and tracks simultaneously. Their higher level product may be more stable, but I found PrintMusic to be a bit glitchy.

  • Paul & Carroll - Compares to Yeti but ......

    Saw a video comparing this brand to Yeti and one other. In the video it showed it held up to the Yeti and out performed another brand for all most half the cost. However the RTIC is significantly lighter weight than the Yeti and can visually see the difference. The only other difference RTIC is NOT dishwasher safe where the Yeti is.

  • Michael P. - Tastes good so that wasn't an issue at all

    I guess it cleans you out, however I followed the directions perfectly and it did not accomplish the goal of passing a drug test for minor marijuana use.