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  • David A. Chapman - This stuff lives up to what it says it will ...

    This stuff lives up to what it says it will do! I have an extremely fussy baby with lots of reflux. I tried everything, and this was the only stuff that really calmed him enough to go to sleep!

  • Michael Kiley - You have great products!

    I got my first White's Detector almost 50 years ago from my Mom when I was 16. You have great products! Mike

  • Ashley R. Erb - AMAZING stuff! NOT kidding!

    My son is almost four months old-we've been using this since about 1 month old and it seriously works...I am not kidding. We've run out twice and BOTH times he was a completely different baby. A very colicky, upset, gassy baby. Seriously!!!! I cannot stess enough TRY it! BTW-it smells like black licorice and is sort of sweet...but he seems to prefer his bottles with it vs without.

  • A.S. - expensive, but I like it

    I used this first as one of the toiletries offered at a Hilton Hotel. I really like the smell, something like tea, and it s a 'foo-foo' thing I do for myself. It is pricey, but a treat to myself. I use as little as possible, and wash my hair twice, and so far, being conservative, it has lasted a while.

  • Professor Frink - Interesting selection of short anecdotes

    This book has a collection of some very interesting facts and anecdotes. The writer has a good easy style, researches the material well and presents it in an easily digestible form (think bathroom reading here). Overall its enjoyable and will no doubt be useful at the odd dinner party.

  • KSL6968 - Weeping Edema

    I have acute, chronic cellulitis where the surface skin would blister up, the blisters would break and the weeping would literally be like turning on a faucet. For quite a while I couldn't go out anywhere. This product significantly cut down the weeping edema and is slowly improving the looks of my legs. I highly recommend this cream.