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  • GNSays - Effective but causes a strange side effect

    I have always suffered from bad breath. When my new boyfriend was constantly telling my breath was "stinky" nearly every other day, I decided I needed to do something about it. He didn't like approaching me for kisses, and shied away from me when I spoke at times. Finally, I found something that worked for me. I have been using it for almost a month and haven't heard ONE "your breath is stinky" comment since the first time I used Breath Appeal. Now the bad news: because of the oxidizing agent in this product, it can cause dry mouth which leads to a condition known as "furry tongue". I'm surprised I haven't seen any other comments regarding this side effect. I noticed it a few days ago and this morning, while scraping my tongue, I realized it was getting worse; I couldn't deny that my tongue definitely looked "furry". I think I'll have to use this product once a day in addition to rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, which is what the Mayo Clinic suggests. It's considered a completely benign condition, nothing to be worried about, but I don't want it to get worse, and I can even FEEL the furriness. Even if nobody else will notice it, I'm completely disgusted. Other than that, it HAS solved my bad breath problem.

  • okinawahall - Its OK and works as advertised

    It sis what it is and its true weak signals your not going to get. I use satellite so for me it works fine. Takes that ugly large one from the OEM away and covers the hole. True to its word it fit with no problems. Make sure you use a thick towel when using a tool to screw it in or your going to scratch the surface paint away.

  • Jaron Davis - Doesn't do a great job cutting crud!

    Cleans... but not very well... I tried to use it on the grout of the tiles on my kitchen counters... I bought a grout brush and this... the grout brush works when I use other cleaning products... but not with this one... definitely NOT worth the buy.

  • keyboardfreak88 - If you're serious about the LSAT, take a course

    I bought this book telling myself that I would hunker down and study without having to pay the seemingly exorbitant prices of test prep companies. I went through the entire book in two days, practice tests included. The "rules" that this book gives you are painfully inadequate for the actual test. I would be surprised if anyone's score improved at all after using this book. As mentioned by many other reviews, the point of a book or class is to provide basic rules that the LSAT follows. There really are only a few basic "types" of questions and this book gives you very little in terms of substance.

  • T. doyle - Will not improve the underlying issue and The paperwork states this clearly.

    This product is urea-based. This will soften and thin the nail but it will not improve the underlying problem. This is NOT a cure and the paperwork says this clearly. I had a light to moderate issue and it did not improve it. I went to the prescription Penlac liquid and saw quick improvements.