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  • D. LeBeau - Bad customer service

    These knives are worth about $300-400, the only reason to pay the high price is for the warranty but good luck getting them to fix anything. Huge waste of money!!!

  • thejohnald - YES IT REALLY DOES WORK!

    Yes Penetrex really does work - I have really bad lower back pain, arthritis, carpaltunnel, shoulder,neck and elbow pain as well as Neuropathy in both feet. A friend told me about Penetrex 3 months ago. I have applied this at least once a day and have been able to be pain free most of the day. Both my husband and I have been using the product regularly and feel about 90 per cent better all the time. It is amazing I suggest that you order 6 jars and get the benefit of the lower price plus then you can keep bottles upstairs and down so you can easily apply additional if pain occurs without having to run up the stairs. We have spread the word and given a jar to friends who also are in pain and everyone who tries it are amazed at the quick relief and relief over most of the day. Just try it yourself and live your life without pain again.

  • Lizzy - Didn't work for me

    Product didn't seem to work for me. The reviews were great but literally this did t seem to cleanse me at all. I was excited reading the reviews, even the ones that said it worked too well, sadly I must have some tough guts

  • lboggs24 - Perfect Product

    Exact fit, easy install. Hooked up in 5 minutes and it worked perfectly. Would highly recommend to anyone with a grand cherokee with a burnt out 3rd light.

  • Caleb Ford - VR requires pretty demanding hardware

    5 Stars for the price. If you look are looking for a rating comparing to other headsets, or a rating that deducts points for flaws, this is not that rating. I am just rating what you get for what you pay for. At this low a price, sacrifices had to be made. VR requires pretty demanding hardware, and that hardware is pretty expensive, so whether $400 is too much for you or not, fact is this is very cheap for what you are getting, just as a cheap house isn't necessarily cheap. Sony found the right price to offer VR that is plenty good enough for great games and a lot of fun (more fun than I hoped), while finally offering a headset at a price that is affordable for a whole lot more people than the PC and headset required for higher end VR. I haven't yet used the PS Move controllers so I can't review those, honestly I'm not too interested in those yet, but I am sure the other reports on tracking issues are accurate. Sony will need to make a new camera and new controllers for that. As for the headset tracking, it was just about flawless in the hours I have played, except when I leave the camera range but I was lazy and didn't set up the camera as effectively as I could have. The demo disc has a lot of great demos, I haven't even played a third of them yet and I am already more excited for the future of VR than I was before trying. Graphics aren't great but it doesn't ruin the fun. The graphics are good enough and I plan to get PS4 Pro later, which I'm sure will allow for higher resolution ports. Frame rate was fine. I don't know if it was 60 or what but I didn't feel like frame rates were lower than they should be. One issue is that VR, at least in some demos, blurs objects which are not in your view. I think the idea is to make it life like, as if you are not looking at them so they should be blurred.. but your eyes aren't fixed straight ahead so when you look around without moving your head the blur doesn't make sense. Your eyes naturally blur your peripherals so the headset doing it is not necessary. I'm sure this is something PS will realize and change in time. I can see myself getting nauseous if I wasn't careful, but I went in knowing the mind gets nauseous with movement it is not used to. This isn't some problem with VR. I got sick spinning on a tire swing or carousel as a kid, riding in cars for a long time while got me sick, boat rides got me sick, looking too close to a TV and spinning my characters first person view around made me sick. VR will surely get to me too until I'm used to it. I was fine with most games/experiences. I started off with slower ones, Thumper, Within, VR Worlds Ocean Exploration (think that's the name), Resident Evil 7.. and those were all fine. No nausea. But then I tested my limits it and I started the Eve Valkyrie demo. I held R1 to do a a barrel roll and my mind was actually convinced I was spinning and I immediately got a huge head rush of dizziness. It was really cool actually. You couldn't expect to get in a fighter jet, start doing barrel rolls on minute one of flying experience, and NOT get dizzy haha. If VR is tricking the mind, then it is working. I'll just have to see if exposure gets me used to it. Maybe I'll do a barrel roll once a day to build up my tolerance.

  • Dave Goodreau - exceptional, mind altering, WOW!

    1,000,000 words could not describe this. its to immense. i'm gonna keep it short here, because nothing that i could possibly say could do justice to this incredible piece of literature. thats right, i said literature. "The Wall" tells a story, about a man who's fist name is Pink, and well, his last name is Floyd. "The Wall" follows Pink's life, from his abandoned, abused childhood, through his days in a machine like school system bent on turning children into faceless clones and stifling individuality. it follows Pink through a failed marriage, a wild career as a rock musician, a burned-out, drug induced mental collapse in a hotel room, and his maddening retreat into his inner psyche to escape his crumbling reality, to live in a mentally projected world in which he has control. there are scores of overlaying and interacting themes, about society, individuals, relationships, motherhood, war, mental illness etc... etc... etc... the whole story interacts beautifully and the music is just stunning. David Gilmore is at the top of his game here, his guitar is precise, beautiful, and haunting. Roger Water's writing is supurb, flawless. the whole story explores society's problems through the unfortunate life of one of its victem's, bringing large issue's to a very frightening and personal level. this is not just a piece of music, its a true work of art, and the fact that Pink Floyd made the story and the music work together so nicely is a true credit to them. this is great. there is a full length film that goes along with this album, set completely to the music of the album with minimal dialogue, fittingly titled "The Wall". if 1,000,000 words can't describe the album, then 2,000,000 words couldnt describe the movie. hear it, see it!