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  • ben deaver - Do your research and buy this product!

    Oh man, where do I start? This stuff is soooo great. And so functional. And so many uses! We ingest one tsp per day in the morning about 20 min before we drink our coffee. Put 1 tsp in 8oz of water, stir well, and drink down. Drink an additional 8-10oz of water after that and you're good to go. Gets things moving for sure. I'm not going to regurgitate ALL the benefits and uses as you can read those in the description or on the company website, but it's well worth your time researching diatomaceous earth and why you should be using it. My caution: don't start ingesting more than a tsp initially--you can work your way up to 1-2 tbsp, but if you start drinking more than a tsp, you may get a pretty bad stomach ache that will last for at least a day. I also take a probiotic to help keep the good stuff in my gut. Remember: diatomaceous earth has no chemicals in the powder. It cleans out your system MECHANICALLY. Its efficacy depends on how much you need to take and how bad you are dealing with parasites, worms, candida, gut problems, etc. We also use it on our pets as a natural (read: non-chemical) flea preventative and maintenance (put it into a duster and lightly dust your pet's coat). We use it around our house to keep spiders (eek) and other insects at bay ("spray" the powder dust in the corners of your closets, around the baseboards, under your bed, etc). When you are dusting, you may want to keep the kids out of the room and try not to inhale the dust particles as it may cause you to cough. It should be fine for kids to be in the room when the dust settles. Research how DE kills bedbugs!

  • roseb1 - blu vivo 4.3 review

    The phone is very nice, I am still getting used to it, screen is very responsive, colors are very bright. I don't like the camara, I don't get good pictures outdoors, maybe don't know how to use it? It is supposed to adjust automatically, but pictures are bad, not even close to the real colors, otherwise it is a good phone.

  • Badger2002 - Best Hair Mask EVER

    I used to use a much more expensive deep conditioning product and didn't notice any real difference. I use this religiously 2-3 times a week, even though it only says to use it twice. My hair is much more manageable when I use this vs a regular conditioner. I've order directly from Macadamia Oil before and it was the same product as this.