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  • rmg1016 - so it must be good.

    I THINK it worked? Used it when I got off of creatine and there hasn't been any drop off, so it must be good.

  • mama - Wow!

    I can't believe how many things this watch can do! Fun games, tells time, and it has a camera that takes pictures and videos. My just turned 4 year old is entranced. It's very intuitive... He figured it all out on his own.

  • Videogamenerd13 - Scree you bungie. Screw you microsoft. If you ...

    Screw you bungie. Screw you microsoft. Screw you activision. If you already have bought destiny, destiny the taken king and all the other destiny stuff up to rise of iron get you can get raped by large corporations for just 59.99. Considering going ln I only needed rise of iron, there is currently no option to buy just the expansion which truthfully should only cost 19.99. Don't support these scoundrals.

  • Dhipak - Great book but lacks a lot!

    The second installment of the Harry Potter illustrated series is impressive indeed. Amazing colour and monochrome illustrations by Jim Kay all throughout... But somehow, I feel disappointed after going through the book. Though there are many impressive illustrations, Jim Kay has somehow missed out on quite a few of the pivotal characters and incidents in this story. Ginny, one of the central characters in the book is absolutely nowhere to be seen, while on the other hand, garden gnomes, which play an extremely insignificant part in the story, find their way into almost 5 or 6 pages. Gilderoy Lockhart is nothing more than a mere one-page portrait. Madam Pomfrey is seen partying with the Mandrakes, without her earmuffs!!! (I really wonder how she didn't drop dead at their cry! Looks like I must just convince myself saying "the earmuffs are totally hidden by her hair!" ) Just because Kay loves drawing spiders, almost every page in the chapter on The Dueling Club has nothing but spiders and he totally misses out on the main content of the chapter which is the practicing of spells in the great hall led by Snape and Lockhart; and Harry talking to the snake. The most important scene in the entire novel, according to most readers, will be the emergence of Tom Riddle, in person, in the Chamber of Secrets. But where is Tom!?!? And I really would have preferred to see a few more illustrations of the interior of chamber of secrets and the magnificient statue of Salazar Slytherin.