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  • mommaness - I like this, but my baby didn't at first

    I like this, but my baby didn't at first. My sister in law bought this for us as a baby shower gift and I was in love with all the features.

  • Amazon Customer - Controlling symptoms of IBS

    I suffer from IBS (Irritible Bowel Syndrome) and GERD. This product in conjunction with the Plexus Bio Cleanse has helped me control the flare ups that I get once or twice a month.

  • Alma - Easy to apply!

    To soon to see a result. But goes on great, not sticky i was able to let it dry for a while before adding eyeliner. Didn't say i shouldn't do that but i did. I apply every night or when ever i remember once a day. Just wash my face and apply. Doesn't irritate my eyes and i have some what sensitive skin. Works amazing i just need more time to see results. Will update once i have results. * i received this product at a discounted price in return for an honest review.

  • Paul Thompson - great John Hiatt

    this is a great collection of recent John Hiatt material. If you don't own any copy of his music, this is a must buy!

  • N8n2ition - Little Light = BIG Shine!

    This little light is awesome! I received it at a discounted price to test and give an honest review and have found although it is a small light it shines big and covers a nice size area. We used this for our daughter's birthday party out on our patio and it was a huge hit! It really covers a nice large size area! I highly recommend!

  • rogodyg - Horrible Upgrade!

    I've been using Printmaster for the last 15 years. I needed to upgrade to a Windows 7 compatible and thought I'd go with the newest version. I knew that I wouldn't be able to open up all my old files but figured if this version was as good as the description said it was I would take that chance. What a horrible product. I did not have any problems installing but using the program is another story. I just spent 5 hours doing something I could have done in 1/2 an hour on the old program. It it is not user friendly. I had to look up things up in the manual four times. You can't even change the character spacing or add letters with accents! I hate the way it adds a shadow to everything and you have to change the settings every time you start a new project. You can't add your own grid lines, you have to use the grid lines that have been programmed. The clip art that is available is almost just as useless. I tried finding clip art for Happy New Year and got only 9 very ugly options. The old Printmaster had lots more useful clip art. I'm going to return this and buy Printmaster Platinum 18.1!