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  • Teri Blount - THRILLED to have found this on Amazon!

    I've paid premium price for too many years to Intuit for their "automatic renewal" service for the same product. As we've minimized our business over the past few years we're down to one employee and the expense for the program was excessive until I found this option on Amazon (thanks to my son!) I'm very happy and will be back for the updates right here rather than purchasing from Intuit in the future.

  • lilo888 - DON'T BUY THIS!!!

    I purchased this as a productivity suite with my new Dell computer.The Product Key provided was invalid; ALMOST 8 HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH VARIOUS Dell TECHS CONFIRMED THIS. The product key provided kept showing "does not exist"; it would not go through in spite of over 8 hours online with a tech specialists.Finally, I contacted Microsoft directly and was told that the Product Key I received, (in a sealed, Microsoft package), was probably never activated by Microsoft. Shame on Microsoft for releasing a product without proper validation; this is treating the public with condescension instead of courtesy. I recommend using the many free offerings out there:, or, do yourself a favor - don't buy this and look elsewhere...

  • NanaRed - Best product on the market!!

    I don't even know where to begin. I am 59 and have had facial hair issues since I was in my late 20's. When I talked to my family doctor about it, he said I was too young for hormones so I should just shave it off. I had tried Nair and it just turned my face into a broken out blotch. I finally resorted to shaving the few. HUGE MISTAKE! Once you shave a few, you of course end up getting other hairs around those few and then 30 years later you end up like me with more hair than some men! I tried waxing, but my skin is very sensitive and it left my upper lip with blisters and redness that lasted two weeks. I then spent a small fortune buying the useless piece of junk known as NO-NO hair remover. Ladies, the $300+ money spent on that is the same as laying $300 in front of you and lighting in on fire. In the past couple of years I have just resorted to shaving my upper lip and chin. A couple of years ago my mom was in an out of state hospital. My sister and brother and I went with her and the 3 of us shared a hotel room. One morning while getting ready to go to the hospital, my sis was already dressed, my brother had an ironing board set up, and I was in the bathroom with the door open while I shaved and put my make-up on. My brother and I were chatting away when all of a sudden he shouted, "Holy Crap, you are shaving!!". That has been my life and since passing the age of 50 and having gone through menopause, the hair growth has become MUCH WORSE. I came across the Olay Facial Hair Remover for Fine to Medium Hair. Having always used and loved Oil of Olay products, I thought what the heck. Though my facial hair on upper lip and chin is mostly coarse from having shaved so many years, it was the only type (fine to medium)available. I followed the directions and left it on a full 10 minutes. OH MY GOODNESS WAS I EVER SHOCKED AND SUPER PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS! So much so that I had to get out my big magnified mirror to see if what I thought I was seeing was in fact real. E-V-E-R-Y single fine hair on both my upper lip and chin were completely gone! About 90% of the dark black coarse hairs were also gone! Absolutely no burning or redness or irritation of any kind during or after. I was so happy and excited that I had to go wake my husband up and make him look to verify it was gone. He wasn't happy about being woke up, but he was amazed I had finally found a product that works! If this product works for me, it should work for anyone. I say that because I seriously, honestly, had more hair on my chin than most guys I know. It was so bad that I made my best friend and my hair stylist promise me that if I was ever in a hospital and was incapacitated that they would come and bring an electric razor and shave me. I would shave first thing of the morning, and had stubbles and "5 o'clock shadow" by early evening. THANK YOU OIL OF OLAY FOR THIS AMAZING GOD SEND OF A PRODUCT!