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  • Atlantis - This Book is For All Intents and Purposes, King Hall

    So I debated writing this review for days. The thing is, I HATE writing negative reviews. For the most part I prefer to let others do the mud-slinging. However, I finally, finally decided to write this review because it kept bothering me.

  • WannaBeSwimSuitPhotographer - it was ok at first, until i got a ...

    it was ok at first, until i got a virus. did a scan and could not find the virus but i knew for a fact my computer was infected because of all the popups and slow performance. I ended up buying Bit Defender and right away it found the virus and eliminated it. Even though i still had 6 month left in the subscription, i uninstalled it and took my loss.

  • Natalie - It takes a couple of weeks to work, but worked for everyone

    I bought this to treat my dog who had crusty bumps on the margin of his ears. It took about 10-14 days to see a difference, but it has been very effective. I now wash just his ears with this once a week and it hasn't come back. It worked so well for him that I tried it on my own hair which has a very stubborn flakiness that won't go away with ordinary dandruff shampoo and it is much improved. I then used it on my 3 y.o. son's cradle cap (being very careful not to get it in his eyes) and it helped there too. The stuff does tingle and I'm sure it would be very bad to get it in your eyes, which is why it is not recommended for humans. However it worked for a variety of long standing and treatment resistant crusty, flaky, and oily skin and scalp conditions in my family. I'd try this first before trying the tar formulation shampoos.

  • Pinkybee - Hated it.

    Some great songs, but the routines are really not dancing. Tetris is a waste of space, again not dancing. And whose idea was it to have a silhouetted dancer to follow that is too shadowed to accurately follow. Some of the songs and dances are just so unbelievably asinineI If this is the new trend of just dance, I'll just pass.