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  • Vnyrdstar - Buy the CORDED one, they are both great products.

    Very Good product, however this battery operated style uses up the batteries way to fast. Good if you really need for travel or out on a deck or boat otherwise buy the corded electric one. Which is what I eventually did now I have 2, one of which I do not need.

  • uzevla - After a month it couldn't pair anymore. After 2 it died.

    Got two (1st different brand but it's the SAME thing inside), both failed the same way - after power up they make some sound that looks like failure. Like "unsuccessful pairing" but rather quickly - before the pairing could even start. Then, this AUKEY stopped powering up after two months. First one was ok for much longer but it was a hit ot miss on power up.

  • OutdoorGirl17 - Great but compass doesn't work.

    I got this for my mother in law she has a hard time getting around, but will not use a cane. She used to have another walking stick, but it broke so I thought this would be a good replacement. The walking stick it self is great she loves it because it has shock absorbers and doesn't hurt her hands. The only problem was that the compass at the top does not work its broke. or something. It shows north to be east so we will not be relying on that. Other than that it's an awesome walking stick. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Deloris Axelrod - An Imagination Grabber for Active Kids

    I wanted a gift for my grandchildren that would help them to develop their scientific curiosity and give them a sense of the joys of exploration. Both are dinosaur fans just now, and this toy gave them a fun but subtly educational play experience. They love it and so do I.

  • Carrie - I have used this product for a couple months; ...

    I have used this product for a couple months; it seems to have helped my leaky gut problem which in turn cleared up my skin.

  • Mike - Great flashlight

    I purchased this light and also purchased rechargeable li-ion batteries ("18650 Smart Li-ion Charger and Two 3100mAh PROTECTED Orbtronic (Panasonic NCR18650A cell inside) Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries Kit (NEW Version)"). They work great together. Note: I have not even tried the include CR123 batteries, which I carry as back-up batteries. I use the rechargeables.

  • jerry a. lay - My garage door is only a four panel style and ...

    My garage door is only a four panel style and with the OEM onstar antenna I could get my Colorado in the garage wothout removing the antenna. This stubby eliminated that problem and the onstar Mylink works just as well with this replacement.