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    DO NOT BUY THIS. DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2014. This is the worst accounting software version I've ever seen -- in over 20 years. The previous versions of QB were just O.K. The 2014 version is a crime against small and medium sized businesses, sucking up their precious resources of time and money. It crashes randomly throughout the day - 5 to 20 times a day and gives error messages that QB support have no clue what to do with. It crashes every time I email invoices or estimates. It looses data when it closes and I have rebuild whatever item I was working on when it shuts down. Yet Intuit locks you into a service agreement -- by the way DO NOT OPT for the extra technical support -- NO ONE AT QB KNOWS ANYMORE THAN YOU DO.

  • lisa - Perfect for our low garage

    The factory antenna was too big and constantly hitting out garage when we pulled out. This antenna was very easy to ens tall and works just as good as the factory one.

  • Amazon Customer - Compatibility Issues

    I purchased this suite through Avira on Dec. 18 2012, and subsequently found that it wasn't yet compatible with windows 8. I sent an email the following day asking for a refund. I received an automated response with a case number but no one ever followed up. I stumbled over the email again today and figured, since I was never refunded, I'd give the install another shot. Unfortunately I'm now running windows 8.1, which is also incompatible. I understand why Avira would not support a beta version windows, but Windows 8 was released to the public on October 26, 2012. Avira took over 3.5 months to roll out a compatible product. Purchasing this product back in December was my mistake; I should have done more research to ensure my OS was supported, but a firm providing antivirus software needs to be a bit more anticipatory than these guys are.

  • Sandy - Beware of this collar poisoning your pets.

    I put this collar on our cat 3 weeks ago. He started acting very strange after the three weeks time. He kept rolling around the floor rubbing his head and acting very peculiar. He wouldn't eat, drink or go potty. His eyes became very dilated and wouldn't go down. He flopped around the floor the entire night, but not moving from the one spot. I took the Seresto collar off him and a day and a half later I saw improvement in his actions. I still took him to the vet and they did xrays and complete blood work ups and found nothing wrong with him. The vet said he was dehydrated so gave him fluids intravenously. Now the collar is off he is doing very well. When he cleans himself his eyes become very dilated again so it must be from the poisons still left on his fur from the collar. I used a Seresto collar last Fall with no side effects, but this year's collar is very dangerous to use on pets. My daughter put a Seresto collar on her dog a month ago and she started acting lethargic, had problems with her hind quarters and wouldn't eat or drink. She took the collar off and washed her in Dawn and the dog is getting back to normal. I have read of many other bad reports of this product this year.

  • product reviewer - groganics hair gro-n-wild

    i was expecting a more nutrient based product, basically this product feels like running vasoline with mint through your hair.

  • Amazon Customer - A must read for all machine learning practitioners.

    This is a must read for any machine learning practitioner. It provides a much needed perspective on issues like fairness of model and reinforcement feedbacks that a large scale model can generate. Usually these aspects are absent from machine learning classes on line and in university courses. The book avoid technical terms and concepts as much as possible, and clearly explains each concept with easy to understand examples and analogies. It's a nice and engaging reading for anybody that wants to better understand how increasingly pervasive models can affects our lives.