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  • MC Phillips - Terrific & comfortable chairs - NOT for the beach

    These are great chairs for lounging - very comfortable & well made. Based on other reviews, I purchased them for a trip to the beach...BUT...after dragging them to and from the beach I can say without a qualm that these are really impractical for the beach unless you are staying right ON the beach. They are rather heavy (and just get heavier the farther you have to carry them). The metal (I got black chairs) also gets extremely HOT in the sun, so you can burn your legs or arms if you brush up against it after sitting in the sun for a while. They do dry quickly if they get wet, and again, they are VERY comfortable to sit in/lounge in, but my recommendation would be to keep them at home or perhaps for a sporting event where the walk from the car to the field is fairly short. My 19-year-old daughter could not carry this chair for more than about 50 feet on her own at the beach, which gives you some idea of the weight.

  • Josh - The keyboard is very nicely assembled and i do like it alot

    While the product isnt necessarily the top tier quality the customer service i received was. The keyboard is very nicely assembled and i do like it alot, however the lights arent nearly as bright on the black version as opposed to the white version. But if black is your style then i doubt you will be disappointed in your purchase here. Overall, i have no complaints although the lights could be a bit brighter 8/10. If my setup were white instead of black i would much rather have the white one. By the way these are brown keys so they are only slightly clicky. And there arent THAT many different RGB modes. Still a very high quality keyboard in my opinion. I have pictures and videos of the keyboard on my instagram if you want to see. Instagram:

  • John E. Brown - Norton Antivirus 2013 - 1 User / 1 PC [Old Version]

    Have used only Norton antivirus products since I bought my first computer. Got good results in protecting from spyware and viruses. Found this Norton Antivirus 2013 - User / 1 PC (Old Version) on sale at Amazon and decided to try it. Seems to be doing a good job on my Dell computer which is over 10 years old. Can't compare with any other brand of PC Antivirus products as I have not used anything other than Norton products.

  • R. Obi - Took it back after a few hours of googling calibration issue.

    Calibration was really bad! I have been chasing elk for 30 years. But this is a game! I Didnt expect anything more. Other sites people have said nothing like hunting. If its hunting you want? Get out & do it. The gun was next to impossible to calibrate. Took it back with in a few hours. I went & bought the Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party for my Xbox Kinect. Calibration was more involved than Wii game.

  • Shanon Lawson - This is one of the worst purchases I have ever made

    This is one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I have hardwood floors, and I selected this vacuum because of the glowing reviews. But good lord - anything larger than a dust mite would clog the damn things, it was impossible to take apart and put back together without pinching your fingers, the handle or dust cup would fall out if you looked at it funny, and I spent more time trying to unclog the dang thing with an unwrapper wire hanger than vacuuming. More often than not, I would give up and find a broom to finish the job.

  • A. August - Great little seat

    Great little seat. Got it instead of a high chair. Only drawback is somewhat difficult to clean. Need to use a scrub brush and Softscrub from time to time in the bathtub to get all the crud off. I used to have a solid vinyl seat for my own kids that was much easier to clean, but they don't make it anymore. Attachs securely to almost any table.

  • RVing 4 Me - Great S7 Edge case

    After returning our Note 7 and replacing with an S7 Edge, we bought this case to replace the Ringke Note 7 case. Ringke was gracious enough to offer us full replacement, what a great company.