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Breacan - supporting women with cancer. - We support Victorian women with breast, uterine, ovarian, cervical and other types of gynaecological cancer through peer support and information services.

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City: 151.2002 New South Wales, Australia

  • P. Saul - It's a 10 is a 10!

    I love this product. My hair tangles very easily after being washed, and a few sprays of this product allows a comb or brush to slide through easily. The product is very light and does not make the hair limp. It works well with additional styling products.

  • Nick A - Steves is Steves

    Steves recommends safe-for-american things. All the hotels we booked were from his book, and his assessments were spot on. Some good food recommendations, some not so good. His briefing on food culture, Tapas and Pinxos, was quite useful to the uninitiated. In general, we had amazing food in Spain, but I'll just say this: trust your instincts. If a place stinks of tourist trap, it is a tourist trap. If it's intimidatingly full and nobody's speaking english, GO TO THERE!!!

  • Carol Rizzolo - Great alternative to disposable filters!

    This is a great product, easy to use, easy to compost the grounds, and makes great coffee wants more words..I don't have any

  • IShopOnlineOnly! - Stubby Antenna

    Excellent product. 30 second installation. Used to replace ugly stock antenna on 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan. Looks much nicer than stock. Great radio reception. Very fast delivery.

  • Pamela and Alan Janssen - Great product

    I love this product. It's nice and light, and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. However, if your looking for a product that covers imperfections this is probably not for you.

  • NancyK - Always a Winner

    Have been using this anti virus software on all my computers for several years now, & you can either use default settings or customize it to suit you. Have never had a virus since I've been using it.

  • Grumpy Reader - Very useful for certain situations

    I've had it for a couple of weeks now. There's a lot to like. It is comfortable, and fairly quick to take on and off (30-45 seconds to put on, only a few seconds to take off). Compared to regular crutches it is wonderful to be able to use my hands- fix lunch, carry my laptop to another room, get a drink, etc. I was worried that it might hurt my knee, but the weight seems to be distributed all along the knee and shin, so that hasn't been a problem. It didn't take long to get the hang of it, but I did stumble a couple of times, and there does seem potential to hurt yourself that way. The pictures on the box shows people walking their dog, shopping, and mowing the lawn, but I don't expect to ever feel like I can do those things in the crutch. When I take a few steps on the lawn, even very slight grade and unevenness makes me feel very unstable. I don't think I'd even feel comfortable using it out of the house even in stores and paved areas. I have to watch every step and even small irregularities are a problem. So I think of it as just for use in the house. It really is handy for that, doing simple household chores.