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  • flyinghatchet - Strips work very well but usually leave a glue residue

    The glue from these nasal strips leaves a residue that adds a hot-washcloth nose-wiping routine. I switched back to the standard strips but those leave a residue as well. Breathe Right's strips didn't use to do this so I'm guessing a switch to a cheaper adhesive was made in an effort to save money. I do not know this for sure, but either the skin on my nose has changed -- or the product has changed. In the end, however, the ability to sleep better is still well worth it.

  • Janell Langston - Great product

    I usually do not leave reviews. This item leaves a wonderful shine on my ceramic floors I have been using this product for years People coming into my house wants to know what I used on my floors I had the guys come back to install the tiles in other rooms When they came in the first thing they wanted to know what I used on the floor I would never be with out this product. I do clean my floors before using

  • Jason Erics - Great fit, few sub choices.

    There are very limited sub choices with this box. Alpine sws-12D4 subs were the only ones I could find to fit. Even tried several shallow-mount subs. You MUST get the box before the subs to ensure proper fit. It did fit PERFECTLY under the seat and sounds amazing.

  • Clare O'Brien Doyle - I am enjoying this book very much. Different and well done.

    I especially loved the piece about Chernobyl. Fascinating. the piece on Cairo is also terrific. I am not yet done, but look forward to the rest.

  • Dee Archer - An anonymous hook up morphs into a complex scenario of secrets, mysteries and power plays.

    Lola Grace & Max meet one night at a bar celebrating her birthday. Before the evening is over, she hooks up anonymously with the sexy stranger with no name. Only to find out the next day at a luncheon that her hook up from the previous evening is Max, her mother's new husband. The sexual attraction between Lola Grace & Max proves to be uncontrollable, which only complicates matters for them both. There are a lot of secrets, mysteries and power plays going on behind the scenes. As the truths begin to rise to the light of day, one is shocked and surprised by the turn of events. The way the whole picture swirls into clarity is fascinating, pleasurable and engrossing. Excellent writing keeps one glued to the pages, eagerly searching for how it will all play out. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Five Stars.

  • Samuel - Where is the code for the online package?

    Excuse me. I flipped through the whole book and I could not find the serial number for the online package?

  • Frank Rich - Best invention for removing mucus - Ever!

    The people who are saying it doesn't work, I am not sure what they are doing. This is an excellent product and very helpful to remove mucus from the little ones who can't really blow it out. I run a daycare and have recommended it to many of our parents. Many swear by it and I do as well.It helps keep them healthy and that keeps germs out of our program. Just hook the attachment to the hose of a simple canister vacuum. Nothing fancy. It only takes a few seconds per nostril for this to work. Yes, saline drops would help to thin out the mucus but not essential. The good news, you never have to touch anything yucky. It washes right in the sink. Then you just use a cotton swab with alcohol to kill any germs. You could even use vinegar. I'm telling you it is the neatest thing since sliced bread. You won't regret using it - I promise! BTW, some of the 3 year olds ask for it when they have a cold. They love getting rid of all that stuff in their nose.