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BiTeM | Bibliomics and Text Mining Group - Official site of BiTeM group. The BiTeM group is involved in several research projects, with a strong focus on clinical and biological data. The main research areas developed are text mining, bibliomics

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  • SMGreenie - EASY CHOICE

    After the free software trial expired on my new macbookpro, I found the best price here online for the Student 2011 version. The download was quick and easy. Word, Powerpoint and Excel were all I needed and I am VERY happy with my purchase. I was up an running within an hour.

  • A Steven bouchard - Am I EVER GLAD I listened

    This book is THE ANSWER to getting a Ham/Amateur license!! At first, I got a book from a different but well qualified source. I then ran into Ham instructors to buy this book. Am I EVER GLAD I listened! The other book required my to memorize information that has NOTHING to do with getting a Ham license. The introduction to the G. West book explains how the book should be used for learning. The book was written to help you learn AND pass the test in a very enjoyable and understandable way.The "other" book, to me, seems to have been written by those that don't understand teaching.

  • Salem - It was like the sun coming up

    As it states, this thing has 5 settings. Setting 1 is "I need to read something quick, but other people are sleeping around me in a tent". Settings 2-3 are various normal torch brightness levels. Setting 4 is "Jaysus, that thing is bright, could ye turn it down please?". Setting 5... Setting 5 is bright enough to blind a bear. With it's back to you. On the other side of the forest.

  • Louise Llama - Worked well but Took Longer than Expected

    I have dinosaur feet. I didn't always have them but after returning from a Virgin Islands trip 10 years ago I began to notice my feet becoming really rough in spots (heel, lower side section of big toe and side of pinky toe). I went to a podiatrist and she tested for fungus etc but found nothing. So, my days of scraping and moisturizing and wearing socks to bed because I was embarrassed for my husband to accidentally touch my feet during the night began.

  • Staylorme - If in doubt, get 'em.

    Why oh why was I spending nearly $100 on bluetooth headphones all these years? I have an old loud diesel truck and phone conversations are clear on both ends. I'll have an hour long conversation with them, not charge them for a week and they'll still have enough charge to deal with another hour long call...I haven't let them go longer than that without a charge but I consider that to be outstanding performance. I haven't tried using the other piece for dual audio but I would like to note that with the crossover cable connected the microphone is facing away from my mouth...I'm not sure how this would affect a phone call this way but for listening to music it works just fine.

  • Lynnell Whitaker - colic soother

    my Uncle who is a pharmacist recommended this product for colicky tummies. Worked like a dream. Eased down the tummy cramps so baby could fall asleep and get several hours rest . so could Mama!!!!! Well worth the money .

  • Jjeremy Q. - Finally something that works

    I love this spray. It seems to be working after weeks of not being able to get rid of some stubborn lice on my daughter's hair plus it smells very good. Now I spray it on my daughter's hair every day before she goes to school.