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City: 33.7753 Kastamonu, Turkey

  • Lynn - My laptop performed even worse than before the download

    I wish there was a place for no stars. I purchased PC Matic and kept it for two weeks. My laptop performed even worse than before the download. It was nearly impossible to get support. You have to email in your problem, and wait for a reply. They did respond to my first emails, but never with a fix. I kept emailing, and finally complained on their FB page. They replied that they were indeed responding - but for some strange reason I wasn't getting them. After two weeks of this, I got rid of PC Matic. I had gotten PC Matic due to all the favorable reviews, but subsequently discovered that the reason for this is that the company will provide free coverage for favorable reviews. One can get up to a year by writing them on various sites. I have AVG now and am very happy with the results.

  • Kindle Customer - You get what you pay for.

    These floor mats are a great investment for your vehicle. I bought these mats for my 2016 Tacoma Double Cable, and the fit great.

  • S. Oliver - Scott Pratt does it again

    Another winner from Scott Pratt, I enjoy the Joe Dillard books more but this was a good story and kept me interested all the way through. The prison details could've been shortened a bit but it wasn't a huge take away which is why I didn't deduct a star.

  • Pete M - Mindset rules to improve YOUR life

    This is fantastic book, which I devoured in 2 sittings. The author was one of the few to predict the rise of Trump, when everyone else thought he was a joke, and he shows you how he identified this so early in the election.

  • km88 - AMAZING!!!!!

    i LOVE this serun. i have gotten so many complements since i have been using this. everyone has been asking why i look so good lately. this stuff is my little secrete. it has made my skin look brighter and younger. my skin feels so soft and amazing. im only 26 and i cant wait to see how amazing my skin will look as i get older. a customer for life. i also have very sensitive skin and this does not bother my skin what so ever. honestly you need to buy this and try it for yourself. it is just amazing!!!!!

  • wayne pieper - Worked great and they never even laughed at me

    I couldn't get it to load into the computer. I contacted Webroot and they had a real person from America, explain that having a almost expired version in the computer was blocking the install. All I had to was go into the existing Webroot under personal and put in the new code. Worked great and they never even laughed at me.