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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • D. Vogel - Best yet!

    A premium helmet that I got at a good price. This replaced a Giro Ionos after a terrible crash. I got busted up pretty bad, but I could have been killed or worse without my what price do you put on that? Wow...I thought my Ionos was light...this is like a feather and more comfortable. RocLoc 5 is micro adjustable and fantastc ventilation. A cheaper one could have saved me, but if you have the cash, this could be the ultimate. Been using Giro for 20+ years through 4 models....all good and I won't switch.

  • D. Olsen - Hotronic M4 Battery

    I've used my original set of batteries fory 2 years (~40 days skiing total) and the black "lid" with the connector, lights and on/off buttons has come off of one of the batteries. It still seems to be usable, but it shouldn't have come off in normal use. I suppose I could use some epoxy or Super Glue to keep it together ... In any case, I decided to buy a replacement set of batteries in case my originals are on their way out. I *have* experienced erratic results with both battery packs, wherein they seem to discharge much sooner than expected, or mysteriously get switched to a different setting than I set them to at the start of my ski-day. And I've had to replace the foot-pad heating elements, as they both seem to have crapped out (as evidenced by the batteries not discharging at all after being turned on, to test them, for more than 24 hours). But that's not a battery problem. It's a problem with the durability of the heating elements &/or the wiring (cable & connector). Maybe the Hotronics system just isn't suitable for the rigors of a ski boot. But it's better than using the chemical heating packs in my boots (they work fine in gloves, but they don't stay stuck to my socks when I put on my boots) - they rub off and curl up as my foot slides into my boot).

  • Aimee - Best tanning lotion ever!

    Works great, especially for those who are fair toned! Does not leave a bad after smell either! I use this over and over.