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Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - The chronicles of my life falling apart and my rise back to the top as a thirty something blogger with bipolar disorder

  • Contact Me | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - How to Contact The Bipolar Hot Mess and where you can follow her, on twitter, facebook, etc.
  • My Favorite Links and Resources | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - Some of my favorite links and resources on bipolar, eating disorders, and for inspiration and laughter too.
  • The Bipolar Hot Mess DBT Videos and Resources | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - Here are the videos done by The Bipolar Hot Mess based off the book DBT made simple written by Sheri Van Dijik
  • Musings on Other Sites | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - Posts by The Bipolar Hot Mess that have been posted and used on other websites.
  • Adventures in the Psych Ward - Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - I was reading the book Manic, by Terri Cheney and I got to a part in her story where she is describing a visit to a psych facility. Ms. Cheney was describing
  • Instant Smiles. What brings yours? | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - Here is something that brings me instant smiles when needed. Tell me what some of yours are and I will feature them in a post and on the FB page!
  • What Do YOU Want To Hear About? - Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - This website is not just mine, or a place where I dump out all my feelings. This is also a place where I want those of you who read my posts to be able to look
  • Another birthday creeping up... - Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - Another year farther away from what my life used to be. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. This year , I want to make
  • The "WTF Is Happening" Phase - Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - I can't speak for everyone, but right before I was diagnosed with bipolar and the weeks and months after, there was A LOT of chaos. When I talk about chaos, I
  • Barbie can have a brain too! - Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - There was a very big stereotype that Barbie, you know, the perfectly figured blonde haired beauty was just that, outter beauty. She wasn't known for being smart
  • Kick 'me when they are down, the only way to survive? | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - Is the only way to make it in this world to conform to the cold, emotionless mold that is taking over?
  • My New RX | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - A post about doctors orders to find some more friends to associate with and share things with to keep from holding all emotions inside.
  • What Is There To Lose? | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - If you don't try, you will never know right? How The Bipolar Hot Mess is putting that into action this year!
  • When I'm Sorry Is No Longer Enough - Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - Sometimes in relationships, the words "I'm Sorry" begin to lose their meaning and in some cases, even mean nothing when we keep using them so flippantly as a
  • What happens if you say no? - Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - In the last few weeks, I have had a few people approach me and ask me for help in some form or another. Now, what is the Hot Mess' immediate reaction when
  • If you don't think you make a difference.... My Bday Post | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - People are impacted by you in many ways. It may not show immediately, or soon after, it may take a while, but YOU WILL find out that you are appreciated!
  • Yup. Defective..... | Musings of The Bipolar Hot Mess - I was born with a defect. Will I ever learn to work properly despite the defect or will I end up in the defective model bin and sent back to be rebuilt?

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