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Bioxcel - Pharma Analytics | Healthcare Analytics | Big Data Analytics Solutions for Healthcare - BioXcel is a pioneer in cloud based pharma big data analytics solutions for Healthcare. Our proprietary Big Data Innovation Lab facilitates the design, discovery, development and commercialization of new disease treatments across multiple therapeutic areas.

  • Pharmaceutical R&D - Integrating Specific Analyses of Medical, Scientific and Health Economic Data - An aging population and increasing healthcare costs have crystallized the need for safe, efficacious and cost-effective medicines for treating chronic and acute diseases across major therapeutic areas
  • Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Suite for Hematological Malignancies - The challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry is that cancer therapeutics require optimization across 30+ different solid tumors and hematological malignancies .
  • Orphan Diseases | Pharm GPS TM Orphan Disease Suite | Bioxcel - PharmGPSTM Orphan Disease Suite innovates by integrating analyses of known molecular, biochemical, medical and epidemiological knowledge sets across these diseases, enabling the discovery, development, licensing and commercialization of product concepts based on disease severity, gene ontology, pathways, proteinopathy, standard of care, emerging innovation, enabling technologies and drug pipeline.
  • Repurposing and Reformulation| 505(b)(2) | Robust Innovative Portfolio of Reformulation 505 (b) 2 & Repurposing | PharmGPSTM - The industry faces a growing challenge of higher regulatory hurdles in developing novel therapeutics in complex, chronic, and rare diseases.
  • Platform Enabled partnerships for Active pharmaceutical Ingredients - BioXcel’s Big Data Innovation Lab for the ideation and development of novel therapeutics, repurposing of under utilized assets and reformulation of existing marketed drugs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).

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  • Blue Phantom - it's not broken, why fix it?

    I had to get this software because Microsoft deliberately makes older software not compatible with newer computers. I had to get a new computer, hence new Microsoft publisher. The '97 program suited my needs perfectly. This newer version is different enough to make it very frustrating to adjust to it. I do not like wasting time trying to find things. Also the help menu is not very helpful. For questions I have to ask other users of this software.

  • tworats - Stopped working and couldn't even keep time

    Full disclosure - I bought this at Costco, not Amazon. Ultimately though it didn't matter, because like so many others it ended up being returned. It brewed coffee well enough, but the clock was gaining 5min a day and couldn't even keep time. Then, the pump started acting up at around two months old, and 1 week later it stopped working altogether. Wow, what a steaming pile of turd.

  • Vince Spallino - I'll stick to eating healthy and exercise because clearly it works better for my body specifically

    Bought this in the hopes of shedding some weight that I put on before heading back home for the holidays. Based on prior experience, I know my body very well. When I'm as heavy as I am right now, and I eat right an exercise, I can lose ~1lb per day, give or take, and that's after eating about 1,600 calories plus an intense workout. I've lost 80lbs before and weighing myself everyday proved this. Obviously the heavier you are, the quicker you lose weight. For example, In a given day someone who weighs 130lbs won't lose as much as someone who weighs 200lbs. I've also heard ALL the info about your body going into "starvation mode", etc.. trust me, I was a personal trainer and researched nutrition a lot. Just because I know the right information doesn't mean I'm going to follow it. Based on my previous efforts I know what my body is capable of, and I know that not eating all day and living off juice for 48 hours HAS TO result in weight loss right? Well not with this product. I'm not sure what happened but I was extremely frustrated after using 2 bottles. After the first 48 hours I lost no weight. Nothing. Starved myself for 2 WHOLE DAYS and didn't lose a single pound. I thought maybe it was a fluke so I took a week off from the juice and instead ate healthy and exercised and I lost 3lbs Started back up on the juice a week later and again, no weight loss after 24 hours so I just gave up. It's SO FRUSTRATING to give something 100%, not eat for 2 days, and then see literally no results. Anyway I ended up returning the remainder of the juice because I'm not doing it again. I'll stick to eating healthy and exercise because clearly it works better for my body specifically. I did however very much like the taste of this.. it's a bit pineappley. And it curbed my hunger for about 1 hour after I drank each of the 4 servings throughout the day.

  • Kaizhi Jason Chen - Great

    Arrived in great condition and on time. I hope it helps. It definitely is keeping my brain more alert. Also provides some fun problem solving questions.

  • Andrea U Schifreen - ovasitol

    So I received the ovasitol started taking it once a day for a week to allow my body get use to it. So far I don't have sugar cravings and my appetite has decreased some. I will be taking it twice a day this week so I will see what it does. Have had slight stomach upset but not bad. I have been watching what I eat along side of it. I do not drink caffiene products every once in a while. I'm hoping it will help with my periods, acne and ovulation as I have problems in those areas. I am finishing my birth control pack and then will be taking this only to see if it will do something.

  • M.R. - Shane Ellison did an excellent job here. Amazing book compared to others I have related to the same subject.

    Amazing information, right to the point, easy to read, well organized and most important topics you need to know for amazing health and quality life.

  • Glockster - its a grest guide for beginners and just to trim straight

    my son just started to shave and grow his facial hair (beard) its a grest guide for beginners and just to trim straight