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Biomedecon | Health Economics and Outcomes Research - BioMedEcon is a leading provider of health economics and outcomes research to the pharmaceutical, biotech, drug delivery, and medical device industries. Our team of experts uses scientifically rigorous, customized, and solution-oriented methods to demonstrate the clinical and economic value of a client’s products.

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  • Bob Whitley - Another good product from Sage

    There is not a lot to say about this.If you already have the 2013 version then just skip this one since it is not a huge leap forward.

  • Tazbaby - this company seriously knows what they're doing

    This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review absolutely love best hair mask I have used several different kinds of hair masks in the past because I actually do get perms put in my hair so it froze your hair after so many and you definitely do not want your hair breaking off and falling out so you definitely have to do some kind of deep conditioning treatment every story so your hair does not look like you stuck your finger in a light socket best hair mask here is completely awesome I've noticed that I have a reduction in the hair that's actually falling out which is completely awesome I do not want my hair to fall out when it's okay on but women know we're not supposed to have that issue so and this was actually a really really big bottle I was not expecting that at all because every other final apart from other companies was just a little tiny almost a tiny perfume bottle and that was it nothing more in it but this thing is bigger than the shampoos that this company makes the shampoos and conditioners that they make here are completely awesome as well everybody in my family absolutely loves them so they are ordering them after I told him about it and I will definitely be passing the word about this hair mask as well hey because it's way bigger bottles to get more for your money and because the fact that it actually works so if you're looking for something that's going to revitalize your hair and restore it from damage and losing hair will definitely want to get this product this is one you want to keep on their shelves

  • Bettylouise - Blessings And Evil

    I have read all the previous Aurora Teagarden books so I was delighted to discover this book. A variety of emotions is covered including joy, kindness gays, bullying, and evil. Roe and Robin are celebrating their marriage and the bundle of joy they are expecting. Four teenagers are missing and another is found dead. Philip, Roe's brother is among the missing. As events began to unravel the facts that one of missing has been bullied, another has a gay lover and another teenager has been kidnapped and a ramson requested made. Christmas is just days away and Rae wants to find answers before then. The ending will horrify you. I highly recommend this series.

  • Chelsie - Great fun game

    Great fun game. Love that I can dance all the dances from the old ones but dislike how I'll have to pay extra for those old dances after a certain amount of time.

  • Enfante - Absolutely Fantastic!

    I am what my friends call a flashlight GEEK! My wife insists im afraid of the dark, but i just like really strong flashlights, like to have the brightest one of the people around me. i just purchased this light for a weekend hunt in the Florida Everglades, a place that is super dark and has no option to charge a battery. this is the best handheld torch i have ever owned. it is lightweight, barely noticeable in the pocket and eats up the darkness. the first night i dropped it in a small shallow canal, it landed with the light facing up and lite up the water like an alien ship. i couldn't leave it there, so i had my friends keep a watch for gators and dove in to get it. it never got a drop of water in it and it was close to 6 feet deep. the 11lm feature is awesome for in the tent as to not destroy your night vision. the med and high settings are great for most tasks, leaving lots of battery power in reserve. this is without a doubt one of the best constructed flashlights i have ever purchased, definitely worth the money. i also own a Fenix TK35 and a TK 75, using both of them for search and rescue here in Fort Lauderdale. you cannot go wrong with Fenix!!!

  • An avid reader - A real discovery!

    I honestly had no idea about the presence of electrons on the surface of the earth until I started reading this book. Or that walking barefoot can allow us to connect with the earth in a very beneficial way. You can actually balance your body's electrical system by spending time with your bare feet contacting the earth for as little as fifteen or twenty minutes at a time, and all kinds of healing aspects can be felt such as deep relaxation, lowering of blood pressure, relief from aches and pains etc. It's a shame that humans have lost touch with the earth and all its benefits....but it's not too late to start getting connected. Just read the book and be prepared for a nice surprise.

  • John C. - Razor works fine. I was disappointed it doesn't have a pop ...

    Razor works fine. I was disappointed it doesn't have a pop up trimmer. First Norelco I've had without one. I should have paid better attention when reading the description.