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UNCG Biology Department - The Department of Biology at UNCG is committed to providing excellent and comprehensive instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  • About the Department | UNCG Biology - This page presents information about the UNCG Biology Department, financial aid, admissions and biotechnology partnerships with local businesses and programs.
  • Message from Department Head | UNCG Biology - The UNCG Biology Department Head, Dr. Stan Faeth, is eager to welcome you to explore the countless educational and training opportunities in Biology at UNCG.
  • Mission Statement | UNCG Biology - The Department of Biology teaches biological concepts and research methods to biology and medical technology majors and prepares them for professional careers.
  • News Archive | UNCG Biology - The UNCG Biology news archive maintains a listing of major events, news, and happenings within the biology department.
  • Current Publications | UNCG Biology - The Publications produced by the research faculty in the Biology Department at UNCG range in topics from molecular biology to ecology and everything in between.
  • Seminar Schedule | UNCG Biology - The UNCG Biology Department Seminar Series invites researchers from other Universities to visit and present their research to their peer researchers and students.
  • Policies & Procedures | UNCG Biology - The policies and procedures of the UNCG Biology Department are linked to this page.
  • Available Positions | UNCG Biology - These are the available positions and opportunities for employment within the UNCG Biology Department.
  • Graduate Program Mission | UNCG Biology - The UNCG Department of Biology offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science in Biology and Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Health Science degrees.
  • EHS PhD | UNCG Biology - The UNCG PhD in Environmental Health Science prepares students for senior-level positions in professions related to environmental health science in its broadest sense.
  • MS | UNCG Biology - The UNCG Biology Department Master of Science degree prepares students for careers and positions in various biological and scientific fields and professions.
  • Applying to Biology Graduate Programs | UNCG Biology - This page outlines the requirements for admission to both of the UNCG Biology Department graduate programs, the Biology Master of Science and the EHS PhD.
  • Events for Students Interested in Health Careers | UNCG Biology - This page is a resource for students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field; it is a list of events and advisors in the UNCG Biology Department.
  • Research Faculty | UNCG Biology - The research faculty in the UNCG Biology Department are committed to excellent classroom instruction as well as maintaining highly active research projects.
  • Lecturers | UNCG Biology - The UNCG Biology lecturers are committed to providing excellent, inclusive classroom instruction as well as provide advice to students on their academic goals.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows | UNCG Biology - The post-doctoral fellows in the UNCG Biology Department provide assistance to UNCG Biology research faculty in their highly active research laboratories.
  • Staff Members | UNCG Biology - The staff members in the UNCG Biology Department assist and aide the department and its members in the everyday function of the department.
  • Current Graduate Students | UNCG Biology - The Graduate Students in the Department of Biology at UNCG are an engaged, driven group of students committed to research excellence within in the biological sciences.
  • Alumni Spotlight | UNCG Biology - Alumni of the Biology Department at UNCG are uniquely qualified for a variety of professional avenues and opportunities within and outside of the scientific community.
  • Research Facilities | UNCG Biology - The Department of Biology at UNCG possesses the necessary equipment, instrumentation, and supplies to support each faculty member's research studies.

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