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  • Jose - Great collection for a great price

    The Prince Movie Collection is a collection of three movies released during Prince's time at Warner Bros., "Purple Rain", Under the Cherry Moon", & "Graffiti Bridge". The movies themselves can be hit or miss to some people, but are in fantastic quality.

  • Kent - Works great for older skin...

    A friend at work was taking these for skin, hair and nails. I wrote down the name and checked the reviews here and Amazon. I was surprised to find so many positive reviews.

  • J. Argueta - Amazing graphics and intense gameplay!

    From launch day this was an epic game, the amount of action is intense and varied by map. Will be playing this for a long time.

  • Keith McKenzie - if the elites are so intelligent, why did they drive the country over a ...

    To listen to Murray, you would think that Ivy League Corporate Lawyers and Bankers were beacons of shining virtue! The basic assumption that somehow the lower classes have lower intelligence are of lower character, and upper middle class people are smarter and of higher character flies in the face of both experience and scientific study. In addition, Murray continues his assertion that intelligence is fixed, and that the "elite" have a lock on it.

  • Salvatore - is pretty hot as usual

    I took this product reading review, and I`m impressed. I took every morning and I don`t feel to eat at all, except some fruit during the day and small portion for dinner. I work in an Engineer room, is pretty hot as usual, but i`m sweating more if I compare the previous days before start Trioxalin. Next step is restart gym and I will reach my goal fast.