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Behind the Bedroom Door - All about the sexy new anthology, Behind the Bedroom Door: Getting it, Giving it, Loving it, Missing it

  • Behind the Bedroom Door: What do the words "pleasure" and "diet" have in common? - Absolutely nothing...until now. Follow my efforts to drop pounds the pleasurable way, without deprivation, self recrimination or any jot of unpleasantness. I intend to drink wine, eat chocolate, indulge in my favorite summer treat (lobster roll sandwiches) and otherwise live...
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: A love affair...with junk food! - My talented writer friend has started a scintillating blog about one of my great lusts and! Read what she has to say about her secret obsession and tune in for more scintillating posts, particularly if you're a parent who...
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: Why I love men who cook - It's not that I'm lazy or selfish. Really. If your kitchen was a small as mine is, you'd also go out of your way to avoid turning on the stove. But courtesy of SELF, I actually did spend some time...
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: How many different things can a massage therapist do to you in an hour? - And no, I'm not talking about a happy ending! Speaking of which, how many of you have ever had a professional massage turn sexual? (You can answer anonymously).
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: Is it better to be formerly hot? - Or to have never been hot in the first place? Then, as you get older, you don't miss that former hotness! Check out this much commented on piece by Behind the Bedroom contributor Stephanie Dolgoff and tell me what you...
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: A cleansing experience - I'm not into fads, especially those that originate in Southern California, but I couldn't resist trying this one. Mea culpa!
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: Feel happier every morning (and no, I'm not talking about an A.M. quickie) - If, like me, you sometimes have trouble getting out of bed in the morning (especially if someone you love is snuggled close by), here's a trick for making mornings easier, Mondays or otherwise.
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: How far would you go to look younger? - In my capacity as articles director at SELF, where I work with our fab beauty team, I sometimes get to meet with beauty experts to talk about what's going on in the field. This week, I talked to an Upper...
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: Would you rather be fat and happy? - Or thin and sad? Read Lauren Slater's shocking story of how she gained 85 pounds on antidepressants (she started at a petite 105!) and decide for yourself. Watch her on this morning's Today Show. And read her amazing story about...
  • Behind the Bedroom Door: Why don't women talk about sex honestly? Listen to my interview on the radio! - Sit back and take a listen to this terrific interview with me and authors Jane Juska, Cheryl Strayed and Val Frankel on the NPR affiliate Mind, Body Health and Politics, with Dr. Richard Miller. It's a wild ride.

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  • Amazon Customer - This thing sucks! (In a good way)

    Cliff notes: works great as long as you aren't expecting performance similar to a 2 or 3 horsepower unit. Mounts to a wall with ease. Comes pre-wired to 120v, easy to rewire to 240. Packaging sucks.

  • Michael J. Alleyn - creole butter marinade

    Needed this product for someone in a part of the country that can not get it in their grocery stores. Reasonably priced, and same name brand product I buy locally. Shipping was ahead of schedule and made it not only on time, but early.

  • Llamasaurus - Wonderful eye gel that won't goop up your eyes. Great for Blephitis sufferers.

    I suffer from Blephitis (Ocular Rosecea), which means that the base of my lower lids do not excrete tears well and my eyes feel like I have oil in them. I'm 57, so I need eye cream to smooth out the fine lines around my eyes. I have tried several brands with poor results. Within an hour, my vision is slighly blurry and filmy and my eyes feel terrible. I'm so happy I found this product. It is a lovely, soothing gel formula. I haven't even check the ingredients, but I don't think there is any oil in the product. I like the push down top, which dispenses a drop of the product, however, I think the design could be redone as I often get too much product for the eye area. But, it's nice for the little lines around your mouth, too. I'm a writer and spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Usually by the afternoon, tears from the Blephitis are running down my checks. Not anymore. I'm looking forward to trying a few other of the Baebody products. I have very sensitive skin, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Found Highways - Essays to Savor One at a Time

    Best of this series in several years. Hits a range of essay types, such as a brainy entry from Isaiah Berlin, a humorous piece from David Sedaris, a bit of history from Malcolm Gladwell, a couple of articles about aging, one about a dude and the cat that adopted him, Zadie Smith on the view from her Manhattan apartment. You won't click with every entry, but there are enough winners here to make it well worth your while.