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Doctor and Emergency Medical near Tamarindo | BeachSide Clinic - - Looking for a Doctor and Emergency Medical near Tamarindo, Costa Rica? The BeachSide Clinic has 24 hour emergency services with ambulance, lab and x-ray.

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  • JEFFREY S. - Good product

    Saves cleanup time when installing ceiling speakers. Works well but, plan on tightening up the connection after drilling a few holes with it as the adjuster works its way loose.

  • Stephanie Potter - My face feels amazing afterwards!!!

    I have to say that I was a bit nervous trying out a new face wash aside from the typical big name brands I buy at the drug store, but I am so pleasantly surprised by this face wash! It arrived sealed and brand new as described with no damage or leaking from the bottle. I like that this face wash does not have a harsh smell to it. There's almost no smell, it does have a subtle scent and I think it's the scent of the rose hips that comes through. It's a light, pleasant scent that is not irritating to the nose. This face wash is very thick and one pump into your hand is all you need. Two pumps is too many and too much wash in my opinion. There are no exfoliating beads or anything, it's a smooth, clear liquid. There are not any harsh ingredients so no burning sensation when washing. When I was done washing and rinsing my face, I could feel how noticeably smooth it was! And my favorite thing about this face wash is that once I cleaned and dried my face, there was no tight feeling of my skin! It also did not get dry after I patted my face with a towel. It was silky smooth and felt so refreshed and moisturized! I applied a moisturizer I had on hand afterwards and I could not stop rubbing my silky smooth cheek. This is a great facial wash and I encourage anyone to try it if you're thinking about it!

  • Richard V Dornbush - DVD Burner issues.

    I have been using Movie Edit Pro/Pro Plus since version 10. I started using Movie Edit Pro 10 simply because of all the file types it could convert. I was extremely satisfied with Versions 10 and 14, but Pro 2015 Plus burned DVDs do not play in any of my Bluray/DVD players. I even tried using the hidden SpeedBurn and set file structures to UDF and ISO to ensure compatibility with commercial and older players. No luck. The only way I can play the DVD is by using the same burner the created it, or boot up my old Windows XP and use Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus to burn the DVDs, which is a hassle cause I only have one monitor and I am converting VHS and Camcorder tapes. Conversion is much better and cleaner on my new XPS 8700 Special Edition with additional upgrades. But, the DVD burning is a hassle. Google search indicates many people are having the same problem with Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus. I give Movie Edit Pro 2010 Plus and Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus get five stars. Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus gets three because of the DVD burning compatible issue.

  • Charles Greenrock - For the price I am very pleased with them

    For the price I am very pleased with them. Holes and everything else lined up just right. Took the hardware off my old lids and put on the new lids with no trouble at all. But I will say that the paint job on them was nothing to get excited about. Defiantly room for improvement there. But again. Look at the price.

  • Anni - Helped with bad skin condition, now using weekly and dog doesn't scratch herself.

    Our vet recommended Douxo Calm Mousse when I brought my dog from a shelter, because she had a pretty bad skin condition. It really helped her, first by instantly relieving the itching, then speeding up the healing process. I've been purchasing this product on a regular basis since, as my dog's skin benefits from it. We apply small amounts right after her weekly bath, when the skin is still a little moist, working it well into the skin and fur just like one does with a hair conditioner. It does maintain lipid skin barrier as promised - dog doesn't scratch or does it very rarely, she sheds less and her coat stays soft and shiny. No dry skin or dandruff. My dog clearly likes getting her weekly Douxo treatment, one can tell it feels good to her skin by the way she cooperates during the treatment. I apply this product mostly to the skin under her collar, head, neck, shoulders, and around the tail. Haven't tried a Douxo shampoo yet, but might try one as well.

  • T S Pate - Cool system

    Tremendous graphic upgrade from the PS3.....but is it worth it to upgrade? I watched my son play NBA2K14 & Ghosts.....and I do have to say that the clarity of the graphics is amazing. But other than a hardcore gamer, who will see the need to actually upgrade from the PS3? Not truly backwards compatible, which is a red flag to me as a consumer. What are we supposed to do with all our PS3 games now? Game play is the same for the most the only reason to upgrade is to say that you have the PS4. But I do have to say, watching him play the basketball was as close to watching a real game as you could imagine.