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  • Nathan H - Difficult to hold

    This knife was unfortunately not made in the US. This is my first and biggest gripe, but it is a solid, well-built knife. The locking mechanism is simple to use one handed and securely held the knife during my numerous kayaking trips this past year. Overall, the knife is slightly shorter than I would prefer for a rescue/emergency knife. I have smaller hands, but the small handle still makes it hard to grip the knife.

  • VERONICA HANUMAN - works well

    I used often and see results. It is the only product I have used so far with the best results that is visible to me and my friends.

  • William L. Adams - This is the thick 25 foot long 4k @ 60hz cable you are looking for!

    Wow, this is the first cable @ 25 feet long I have found that can actually do 4k at 60hz!!! After trying out half a dozen others all of them are labeled incorrectly.. Here you have a "generic" cable that out performs every other cable on the market... Get this one!!!! Seriously, this is the one you want..

  • Max's mom - It works!

    I have been suffering with horrid razor burn ever since I started shaving my bikini area. It has been a struggle for me to where a bikini without being embarrassed by my angry looking bikini line. I've been using this product for over a month now and it has worked wonders. My skin is smooth and bump free and my ingrown are gone. The ones that do pop up are easily taken care of. I wish I would of known about this product years ago. It's a miracle worker.

  • Joanna - Flimsy for the size and sticky with glue

    Not sure who had the "brilliant" idea of gluing the label to the pan but it required some work to take it out. I have tried a few options and only when I came here to check out other reviews I saw the suggestion to use a hairdrier (thanks MaggieB!) that finally worked. Funny thing is, the label was actually separated with a bit of dried glue on it but the biggest chunk of glue was left on the pan. Really Norpro? Why gluing? Besides, it is not that the label had any useful information on how to clean or take care of the pan otherwise.

  • JJLOCK - SUPER thick and slimy GROSS snotty like consistency

    I dont know if I got a bad batch of this or what but this stuff is VERY VERY thick, stringy with a snot like consistency. I dont know whats going on here. It's impossible to rinse out and leaves your scalp very itchy.

  • prwiik - Very happy with the results so far

    Very happy with the results so far. I've had a leak in my 15' by 30' by 8' deep in-ground pool for a couple years. It leaked about 2-3 inches per week and I had no idea were it leaked. I read many reviews and the directions closely and decide to alter the procedure a bit because I have 2 skimmers and 2 bottom drains and a pump that is a bit over powered for the pool. I removed the filter cartridges, all skimmer baskets and vacuum screens as well as the Polaris 380 vac debris bag. While keeping both skimmers and bottom drains open, I slowly poured one full bottle slowly down each skimmer (about a 1/4 bottle at a time very 10 minutes). I allowed the pump to run for about 2 1/2 days and ran the pool vac without the debris bag every 4 hours or so for about an hour to stir the product up from the bottom. I then let the pool rest for about 3 1/2 days. That was about a week ago. No leak! If anything goes screwy, I will attempt an update.