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  • Reader - Worth a chest o' doubloons

    Arrr! Been finding meself in many a tight spot o' bother on the high seas and nearly entered Davey Jones' Locker more times than meself would like to remember, but thanks to this excellent fire in the hole I've been handsomely navigatin' me man-o-war to all the ports o' call in me fancy. Take it from an old salt like meself, this book is worth as much as a letter o' marque signed by the queen! Buy this book and ye won't be hornswaggled. Time to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, and thanks to me readin' of How to Avoid Huge Ships we'll be right hearty and shipshape.

  • dawnasaur - I used to have bed bugs

    I bought this because I had read reviews that it would help with bedbugs and I had a big bedbug problem. I had recently moved into a new, kinda crummy, but didn't care cause I could afford to live there (well mostly) apartment.

  • steven honeycutt - LAME!!

    worked ok for a month or two. then it started freezing up all the time and i would have to unplug the box and plug it back it back in to get it to unfreeze. and NOW, it wont even turn on. Its just dead, and its no longer eliigible for a return being that its past 30-days. LAME!!

  • shakita - You have to do more than just take the Pill for results!

    This product does work. What some may fail to realize is that u still have to do your squats while taking it and eat. It also helps with the grow of small breast and gain weight which is a plus for me. My other half also enjoys the new growth lol.

  • Amazon Customer - Experiment proves it works

    I ran the following experiment to test the ability of this product to kill fleas. With the help of my son, I collected 12 fleas from the dogs and placed them in a jar and observed that all were alive and hopping about. I then did one spray into the jar. Yes, just one spray. In about 10 seconds all fleas were dead! Then, my son suggested another test: "let's collect some more and put them in the sprayed jar", he said. We did that also, and the fleas died within a few seconds. I'm sold.

  • Lady A - Great Coffee/Shipping Rip Off

    The coffee is great I've been drinking it for over six months now and ordering it off Amazon for the last four months. However I was truly dissapointed with the shipping charges from this supplier, Shelly's Boutique. I order two boxes of the coffee and a sample pack of the other Organo coffee flavors and tea. All three items were ordered from the same supplier. All three were shipped in the SAME US Post Offices flat rate shipping container. It delivered in less than a week from the date that I ordered. The Rip Off - I was charged three times for shipping!! Once for each item in the flat rate shipping envelope! Considering I've ordered two boxes at time from other suppliers who've shipped both in the same package and only charged me once for shipping, I will not be ordering from this supplier again even if they offer my coffee at a lower price. The 4 stars is for the coffee not the supplier.