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Arizona Institute for Bone & Joint Disorders - About the Practice - The Arizona Institute for Bone & Joint Disorders welcomes you to our new web site! We are committed to developing features on this site with the purpose of enhancing your experience as a valued patient. Please visit us often, as we will continue to add information for the benefit of our patients.

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  • Antonio J..... - It really works

    It really works. I take it and I bought. It for my Mother she is 80 years old and she loosing her memory :-( and it actually working for my mom. Its working for me also my thougIts Are clearer I remember Things better :-)

  • toni - Shocking, excellent sound and battery longevity

    Excellent! I have wasted money on others like these ear things, opting for cheap - old models make down, generic, etc. Various styles, never like this Axgio one - the tiny thing with nothing sticking out anywhere. I thought it would not really work, who could hear me? But if it did, it'd be great. It is better than great! Works better than any others I've gotten, name brand or not. People can hear me very well - better than any I've used, it's easy to wear and forget, and the battery life is long. I can leave it in and on, make multiple calls, conversing off and on for hours. I have yet to interrupt a call with a low battery warning. I use an iPhone 5s. No pairing issues.

  • K. Jack, EFL Instructor - Assembling the fllo was easy, but the instruction booklet is definitely needed to ...

    I live in a country where high speed accidents are the norm. For this reason I got a fllo shipped in so I could put my three year old back to rear-facing. Assembling the fllo was easy, but the instruction booklet is definitely needed to install the seat properly. It took me about 20 minutes to install it. Now that it is in, I absolutely love it and so does my son which is why we went out and got a second shipped in for his twin. We expect to have both boys rear-facing until they are five, maybe six, in the seats. The twins have an older brother who is six and he just met the maximum weight for rear-facing.