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Welcome to Ayuvia | Integrative Wellness Centered Around you - We align alternative medicine to your ongoing medical treatments. Locatedconveniently at Crozer Keystone Medical Plaza @ Brinton Lake PA

  • EXEC Wellness - Execs are under more stress than ever before. Long work days, and demands to do more with less, are overwhelming.Explore AWE - Ayuvia's Wellness for Execs
  • Referral - Getting diagnosed with any disease can be overwhelming. We understand your challenges in working with more than one physician or care provider.
  • About Us - In a fragmented and compartmentalized Health Care space we will be the first in-market unifier of all Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  • Payments - Insurance is accepted where supported by coverage. Additional discounts and pricing options are available for referrals and bundled plans
  • Contact Us | Ayuvia | Landenberg, PA 19350 - We are located at 500 Evergreen Dr. Suite 22, Glen Mills, PA 19342. Contact us by phone at (484) 679-3784 or by email at [email protected].
  • Womens Health - Devoted exclusively to the health care of women, a holistic approach towards defining pressing needs and customizing a plan
  • Manage Pain - Alternative Medicine works best when aligned to ongoing medical treatments. Pain, Stress, Anxeity, and symptoms from chronic illness could be better managed
  • Evaluate - We will work with you and your physicians to complete a comprehensive wellness assessment. We'll look at your lifestyle, diagnose symptoms and more.
  • Engage - We will customize solutions for you through interactive consults, therapies and classes to best manage your risks and symptoms. We offer acupuncture, Ayurveda, yoga, and more.
  • Yoga: Fitness, Mindfulness or Therapy? - More than 21 Million Americans have explored and experienced Yoga in some form, according to a National Health Interview Survey

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  • Christopher Dow - I did however add a little lock-tight on the threads to help prevent the antenna from walking away easily.

    This product is just as described and installed in about 30 seconds. I did however add a little lock-tight on the threads to help prevent the antenna from walking away easily.

  • Prisyamel8a - Amazing!!!! Buy it

    I had a problem with roaches at home. I just hated to see them. I will clean my house all the time,use disinfectants, take out the garbage everyday, and use those roaches sprays. But that only seemed like it tickle them. Nothing to seem to get rid of them I was beginning to feel frustrated. I was even thinking of hiring an exterminator to get rid of the problem but they where charging a lot of money for the job. So I opted to try a few things before I wasted that money. I try several products that promess you to fix your issue and be roach free but nothing worked. I came across this product and read the reviews and decide to give it a try. It was less than 20 bucks and boy. It work wonders. I only used it once and suddenly I stop seeing roaches. It was like a miracle. This was so far the only product that has help me get rid of those things. I highly recommend it. I will use it again just to make sure they don't come back.

  • Troy - Great treadmill for a great price

    My wife & I have been looking into treadmills for about a year now and have not found one that we really wanted until we were introduced to the Sole F63. It took about two weeks to get it delivered (which is what we expected). It is a beast though! It weights at least 280 lbs! We had to open the box and take it into our house in pieces as it was just too heavy to carry.

  • Katherine L. Shepard - Thorough and startling.

    This is an eye opener intended to wake you up regarding todays global society, we as a people and the world as we know it. Extremely well researched and annotated. It presents current and impending challenges and, a template for people to move forward. This is an important book for our times.

  • L. Bagby - The best natural healer yet

    I read the reviews here and elsewhere (over 1000) and saw that 95% + were positive. Based on the issues folks had solved I decided to try it. I started with and still take 1tsp daily. No tummy or poo issues here. Here's what chgd for me: My migraine (nummular headaches) were instantly gone. My insomnia was gone. My appetite seemed more like normal instead if ravenous. My chronic lower back pain from DDD was relieved to 95% pain free. My neck pain from an old car accident was gone and flexibility restored. Very little if any lactic acid buildup when I workout so I workout longer and harder. Anxiety and confusion I had been having went away. Ability to focus was much improved too. I told my mom about it and gave her 2 tbsp to try for a few days. Her vertigo went away which she has had for 2 years. This has been an incredible find and even if I miss a dose I'm fine still but I don't miss one often.