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  • H. Engstrom - Relief from Psoriatic Arthritis

    2 years ago I felt like a 90 year old woman due to psoriatic arthritis. I had a full time job and young kids and was desperate to feel better as I couldn't see myself being able to care for my family in the long run in my condition. The drugs that my doctor prescribed me had scare side effects and my mom, who had been on the drug for another auto-immune disease had had multiple cancers. This diet appealed to me because it was designed to be temporary. I was not interested in avoiding certain food groups for the rest of my life. Although I experienced some relief right away, I will admit it wasn't always "fun". My road to healing definitely saw a lot of ups and downs. It's definitely not a "quick fix", but when I thought about where I was when I started, I always felt I was doing at least a little better than that so that kept me going. The detox baths were key in helping get through the tough spots. I eventually discovered that I also had to watch my oxalate intake (no almond flour for me) and added in raw dairy, which has help me stick with the extra restrictions. Now I'm feeling so good. I no longer have arthritis pain but still have some minor skin problems. At first this diet seems overwhelming and impossible to stick to, but once you get your routines for making food and you start realizing how nourishing and filling the food is, other food looks less appealing and is easier to avoid. I now look at processed food as completely unappealing and even though I look forward to adding in starchy foods soon, I don't think I'll ever go back to eating as I did before. This is definitely a life-changing diet.

  • cpellus - Great for crew cuts

    I use this to cut my son's and husband's hair. They like it short and this makes that a breeze. Unlike the cheaper hair trimmers, this one has a lot of power and does a great job. You don't have to keep going over the same area over and over, it just cuts the hair.

  • Jacqueline Farrow - Terrible customer service

    I ordered the roof rails for my 2008 Highlander from here in Canada. When they arrived, I unpacked the box and found that one end of the roof rails was broken clean off rendering it unusable, I was missing a stopper on the driver's side and there were no installation instructions.

  • Walter L. Meck IV - Not everything is in this software.

    It works well on what they give you. BUT! the one thing that these software and computer world does is to mislead you to believe that all that they are showing you is in the product they are showing you. IN FACT! it is not all there as they lead you to believe. So if you want all that they said they had you end up paying more that twice what you paid for. They give you a few poorly done extras so that they could say that it has all that. False advertisement is the thing of our day that a lawyer will argue is not! but as long as you know that you don't get everything without paying for the WHOLE software that they are showing you will be glad that they did many newer connections in the program.