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  • Amazon Customer - Changed my Dosage IT DOES WORK!

    Its It's been a few days and I see results Enlargement and a little shape... Heres what I did it says six month supply I bought pills and lotion I shaved then showered then dried then applied the cream as if I were putting on lotion on my ass and massaged it in ... After that I lotioned my ass three more times... Also took pills in two with each meal so... Maybe for different body types you need different dosage... Just like medicine is prescribed depending person and circurmstance. My method 3-4times lotion ass more than recommended amount and 2pills 3 times a day... You'll run out faster but. Just get some more or maybe when you reach desired results go bck to original rules goodluck! Hubby would kill if I posted before after pics sorry even with clothes on.

  • keroppi - Love this TV!

    I'm and independent film maker. When i set out to find a home television i had very specific needs. 1st was price. You can get wonderful image and quality at crazy prices. But im not going to spend $3,000 on a tv that will be obsolete in 4 years. I wanted value, sharp image, good refresh rate, true color, ease of use and something that was bot the size of a minivan in my apt.

  • Magenta - Ask your vet for advice b4 using!!

    The calming shampoo is a miracle product !!!!. I can't say the same about the mousse. By 2 days my poor cat was ripping her fur out ,but my vet raves about the product for her pets. U must decide for yourself!!

  • Jennifer Crumpler - 45 pounds lost!

    Well, I haven't lost 1 pound per day but I have lost 45 pounds over the past 2 months. I feel like that's pretty darn good! I didn't do the diet. I have tried to eat better and exercise daily. I've been using the pills for the past month - those help for a boost. My goal is go for 6 months.

  • Barb - Seriously!?!?

    I purchased this as a way to record my daycare kids and my husband's band. I gave it a test run today during daycare. When it came time to upload it to the website for the parents to view, all I got was the audio track. The video track was a completely distorted green screen; so when it comes to all of those glowing reviews by people who received it at a discount (reviews I counted on to make an informed decision), it's quite obvious that all they did was do a cursory exam, but never actually used the product. Those are the people who give reviewers a bad name. I'm a reviewer also, and I would NEVER review a product without first testing it thoroughly (I purchased this one). This product would never have met my standards as a reviewer or a consumer. What a huge disappointment. I am returning it today and will never buy from this company again. As a consumer, I recommend avoiding this product at all costs. It's a huge waste of money. Now I need to go in search of another camcorder and hope that there is one out there worthy of using.

  • Billie Deitle - Work out queen

    Love this - using it for the whole family- came quickly and was very inexpensive! Will be keeping this one on top of the pile of games....if you call this a game! lol

  • Bengal Babe - Junk...Don't hold their seal

    Updated Review: When I wrote my original review, I had just packed the one XL Bag. A few days later I noticed the bag had lost the vacuum seal. I initially thought I just didn't pinch seal the bag closed well. However, yesterday I had a couple more bags packed and sat down to vacuum seal the first bag and two of the large bags. This time I made sure to seal both of the ziplock tracks thoroughly and I left the bags out instead of putting them in the closet so I could make sure they were working. I've cleaned out all of our closets and I have more bags to pack for storage. This morning when I got up all three of the bags had lost their seal. These are essentially worthless if they can't hold the vacuum seal.