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  • - Bringwebsite - is 14 years old, Alexa global rank: #6089761, Location: United States, Last updated: Thursday, 03 November 2016.

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  • Amanda Agius - Headstrong sassy woman meets Playboy Roi.....sparks fly loved it

    I read the original length book and loved the snark, sass, humour, action, scorching sex scenes. I love that Roi continually puts his foot in his mouth when it comes to Missy, and that she doesn't let him get away with anything, while fighting her own feelings.

  • adelaide robertson - He plays and giggles

    He loves it and I love watcvwatcvhing him play on it! Very sturdy, and I love the didign. I received this at discounted price, for my honest and unbiased review. I will definitely recommend this! Perfect for a baby shower gift too!

  • ALEX - HORRIBLE! is less than one start possible.?!?!

    Proactiv was ordered by myself last summer to treat some acne problems I was having.....little did i realize that it would completely ruin all of my sheets and pillow cases/blankets due to the bleach stains that I noticed within the first 2 days of using this treatment. There are white bleach marks on all of my pillow cases and any other blankets or sheets that I had on my bed due to the treatment. Not only did it completely dry out my skin as well, proactiv worked for a week and then stopped working altogether. This is a terrible product and my friends who have used it experienced the same thing, bleaching sheets and beyond healthy dry skin after using this product. DO not use! I suggest nutrogena instead. Having been using their face-wash from the pharmacy (on shelf) since this terrible situation with proactive and its not only cheaper, but it works amazing. Skin is never dry and there is ONE step! it is amazing!

  • Mike L - Charges at full quick charge speed, just what I was looking for

    This charger charged my main usb-c quick charge compatible device (an external battery pack) quickly, and also charged regular usb-c devices without quick charge without any issue.

  • Woodlandtrails - Not Trustworthy

    Today, I deleted my 2012 Family Treemaker. I previously purchased the 2011 version but it was horrible and I never used it after it was installed. assured me the 2012 version was a big improvement. They lied. It is much worse.

  • James Sheffield - Waste of money

    I started a complete backup at 10PM. The next morning at 6AM it had backed up on 29%. Wish I had read these reviews before I purchased it. Worst product I've ever bought.