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  • B. Parris - Love this stuff

    I use it on everything that needs to move..way better than wd40. This can should last forever, a little goes a loooong way.

  • Susan M. Baird - DO NOT USE THIS COLLAR

    My cat has been acting bizarre for two days, extremely overly playful, and driving our other cat nuts by constantly nipping at him. This morning he became violently ill. He was vomiting and then a cry after. He now has the dry heaves. I thank God I read the review about this collar killing other cats. He has had the collar on for two weeks. I have cut if off of him and cut off my other cat, which I just put the collar on yesterday, for fear it will make him sick and possibly killing him. I previously posted this review and forgot to mention his bizarre behavior, which I now realize was connected to this dangerous collar.

  • kenman - Good stuff

    Very good product for helping to alleviate dry mouth symptoms. Use this mouthwash 2 to 3 times a day and it does provide much needed relief,

  • music_is_math101 - My only real complaint is that getting the grounds out of the plastic container can get pretty messy if you aren't really carefu

    It lets you adjust the coarseness and the amount, and the results are consistent. My only real complaint is that getting the grounds out of the plastic container can get pretty messy if you aren't really careful. You may want to consider grinding a fair amount at once and putting all of it into another container to reduce the amount of wasted grounds.

  • alex hood - 22 minutes of aggravation

    Purchased yesterday. Tried the NFC and Bluetooth for 20 aggravating minutes and finally paired the phone and device manually. It operated for two minutes and then a clicking noise and nothing. No Radio, no AUX, no Bluetooth, no sound. Called customer support to discuss who advised me to return it to the store which I did. Quality concerns. Package promises not kept. Agree with previous reviewer; why offer a Bluetooth unit with a battery and not allow the unit to run off that battery?

  • debbie jo - Great size!

    Really like that this mirror size. I got this to use when I have my grandson in the car, I did not like not being able to see him while I was sitting in front. This is a very sturdy mirror and attacks nicely to the middle headrest (which is smaller than outer ones). I like that you can adjust it also without having to unstrap it and re-secure it. Like I said earlier the size is wonderful also. Glad I made the purchase, I have no complaints.