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  • Tina pollick - This drink sucks I bought 2 of them took them how the ...

    This drink sucks I bought 2 of them took them how the instructions say to take it and they still found a "trace of thc"

  • Batman122ci - The Lawn Care Nut's Recommendation really works - Milorganite rocks!

    I picked up a bag of Milorganite Organite fert based on Allyn Hane's (The Lawn Care Nut - recommendations for a hybrid organite lawn fertilization program. This product does not disappoint and helps convert your lawn over to an all organic-base in no time. Rapid green up and after a couple of applications really improves the overall look and lushness of tall fescue grass. Using this with some typical Scott's Weed control products (synthetic) has really helped to control weeds. Doesn't smell offensive as others might have stated in the past and is very enjoyable to spread using a rotary broadcast spreader; plus it doesn't have any chance of burning your grass if you over apply it in a specific area. I will continue to purchase and use this product for years to come. It's really that good!

  • Nick - Read the reviews before buying!

    I should have listened to the poor reviews before buying! Nothing grew! Nothing!..Such a waste of money! Total disappointment :(

  • Lawyerpaulg - RIP OFF -- DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

    I have purchased "Willmaker" every year since 2004. Every freaking year. I only use it for drafting living trusts. I purchased the 2010 version when it came out without closely inspecting the box. I just discovered that it no longer includes the living trust documents. I consider that a rip off -- there should be something on the box to call attention to the fact that the basic features of the former product have changed. I read Nolo's response that "Willmaker" was a misnomer and that they wanted to split the product into two products." One slight problem -- no one who owns a home should be making a will -- anyone who owns a home or has any assets should be doing a living trust. This product is completely useless for anyone having any assets. Oh, Nolo --- "Willmaker" has become synonymous with living trust software - hardly anyone uses it for wills. Kind of like "Chevrolet" is synonymous with "car having an engine." I want to see Chevy sell a car without an engine and then say, oops, so sad, gotta buy the engine separately. Buncha crooks - what goes around comes around, Nolo and Intuit.....