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    City: -87.6441 Illinois, United States

  • Craig Hedges - Set it, Forget it!

    I have put on a lot of screen protectors in my time. And I was so excited when I purchased my iPhone. The reason I was so adamant about this screen protector purchased, however, was because I dropped my iPad Air and shattered the screen. So you can imagine how important it was for me to protect my screen this time. I was so glad to find this screen protector. The InJune screen protector is no disappointment.

  • Aviva - The cookbook we've all been waiting for!

    This cookbook is geared for children and young adults but it will please readers, cooks, and Harry Potter fans of all ages. My kids (ages 14, 12, and 8), have finally found an activity they can all agree on - cooking and sampling savory Harry Potter recipes. This book covers every single recipe that appears in all seven of the Harry Potter books. Ever wonder what Pumpkin Juice tastes like? Or Treacle tart? Well, you're about to find out!

  • Nicole Cannon - Gaga has reinvented the wheel (again)

    Although Joanne is being somewhat poorly received, I love it. Her critics are saying it sounds disjointed, but that's assuming there is a rule dictating every song on an album must sound a certain way. With Gaga, there are no rules, and that's her point. These songs encapsulate all of the different sides of her at this point in her life, and each one has a valuable meaning and commentary behind it. I would invite skeptics to listen to a few of the more lengthy interviews she has done this past week to get a better understanding, if not appreciation, for this album. For those who don't like it - that's fine. Gaga certainly isn't pandering to the masses; she's already famous enough. Nothing will ever be "Poker Face" or "Born This Way" again, and that's how it's supposed to be. She's an artist, not a puppet - her job is to push the boundaries and institute change.

  • MindyMB83 - Unbelieveable!

    Nashoda Rose delivered uet again a master piece. I couldn't stop reading and half the time I was crying my heart out so bad. Delara and Walderon deserved this story and it's amazing ending! Love conquers all!