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  • Asserative Worm - Recommed to anyone struggling with daily lower back pain, some relief is almost immediate!

    I have suffered from lower back pain and problems since May of 1999. I had surgery for 3 Herniated, slipped & bulging discs and as a result I will struggle with constant back pain for the rest of my life. On top of that I struggle with Degenerated discs, pinched nerves, coccyx pain, etc. I have tried so many back pain relief products that I truly wasn't expecting much from this sample.

  • William K. Lammers - poison pill

    this product has yohimbe ,and will give you high blood pressure,and is bad for your heart, it is banned in some states. this product gave me a headache and raised my blood pressure, don't waste your money or risk your health.W LAMMERS.

  • Amazon Customer - Its OK.

    It’s pretty nice, but the controller doesn’t work. It only works well in some games and there are not a lot of games out there for this kind of peripherals. The picture qualities of the videos that are out there aren’t so great either. Another downside of this set it’s that the cellphone won’t have ventilation on the back when it gets hot, so is you’re going to use this, play it with the air conditioner on. It’s way more comfortable than other headsets out there and that’s a plus for me… So it’s an okay product.

  • Nan10 - Sucks

    I've had to install this program on two new computers (we purchased a separate copy for each computer) and had to call technical assistance (in India) for help both times. The computers came with McAfee that had to be uninstalled before the the program could be downloaded. I had issues with both downloads and each took more than 2 hours to install. The technical assistants that I worked with were helpful but one has to request a call and wait for them to call you. They tried to hang up after 45 minutes but I requested they stay on the line because the download was only about 25% complete after 45 minutes. I'm having compatibility issues with the product and some of the older products. The program lacks Microsoft Publisher. Totally hate the changes made in the programs, they seem somewhat stripped down.

  • Peter - Outstanding

    I have drawn house diagrams for years the old fashioned way with pencils, rulers and squares... A few years ago I learned to use a very simple CAD program for insurance work. Recently, I have been tasked with a consulting job that requires I once again draw house diagrams and in detail. It is a one time job and I didn't want anything expensive or something that would take me weeks to learn. Upon the recommendation of a professional cabinet maker I gave the Home Designer Suite 2014 program a try. It is EXCELLENT. I quickly learned the basics, it is allowing me to draw great detail into my plan, and customize portions that are unique. You DO want to make sure you have a computer with the processing speed to review and check your work in 3-D. I didn't. When I purchased a better computer to provide the specifications recommended by Chief Architects in the first place, I had need to contact Chief Architect and ask their assistance in moving the application from the old to the new computer. Their customer service representative went way above and beyond "good" service to get me up and running rapidly on the new computer. Great product, great customer service. I am very happy with my choice and investment.

  • Jaques Morel - Not really about sex - about being a better partner for your lady

    As I was reading it about a year ago, I kept wishing I had read it in high school. I would probably have enjoyed my relationships a lot more and likely avoided the needless heartache and mental anguish that comes along with being a "nice guy" who has always responded to fit tests and tantrums by working even harder to please. I feel it has benefited both myself and my wife. I definitely have an easier time dealing with the very confusing and frustrating behavior that can come out, and am no longer afraid to call out inappropriate behavior. I found this book after coming across the author's blog and wanted to know more about fit tests. That aspect alone is worth the read. It's easy to read (I couldn't stop) and very entertaining. I will share this book with my son when he's old enough to benefit from it.