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Assura GP Website - Assura is a long-term landlord and developer of primary care properties. Click here if you are looking to sell your GP surgery or develop a new GP premises

  • Existing Tenant of Assura - Assura are a long term investor in and developer of primary care properties. If you are a tenant of Assura please click here.
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  • News & Media - Assura - Click here to find all our latest news. Assura were named Property Developers of the Year at the Health Investor awards in 2015.

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  • Mark M. Wiggins - Great product

    I have used Quickbooks for 15 years. The new version is great. The enhanced payroll bundle is an amazing value compared to what just a normal 1 year subscription is for payroll.

  • Beverly A Hogue - Frustrated with the developers

    I too am upset with the way this game has been handled. I was halfway through London & the update happened--took me back to Sydney. I was connected through Facebook but that didn't help get my game back. And I had just made a coin purchase so they got my money & I got nothing. I contacted tech support to no avail. And why should they--with enough people playing without problems those of us who experienced issues aren't worth their time. Sad really cause it is a fun game--but beware!!!!!

  • love my dog - Works great!

    I have put this stuff out behind my back fence and have not had any rattlesnakes in my yard since! It smells strongly of mothballs the first couple days but then it dissapates. I buy this and out it out all summer long.

  • charlie - the best!

    This is the best floor cleaner!I had a few left from the previous house owner and was very satisfied with the product. When I ran out of the floor cleaner,I kept looking for this particular one (I threw the container away and didn't note what the name was) but couldn't find it in retail stores. So, I decided to purchase other floor cleaners,I think I tried almost everything,but was very disappointed...some were even known brands! Fortunately, one of our stores sold this and I told my husband that this looked like the one we had before...and yes,I finally have it! This leaves my floor shiny,not the brand says 'rejuvenate' it is!

  • C. Grimm - Working for me! Try it and see for yourself!!

    I have been over weight most of my adult life and a diabetic for the better part of 10 years now. I have tried lots of diets and work out programs in the past. I am now pushing 40 so I need even more help with dieting. As it has been said in the past by many people including myself, “I love to eat!” and “I live to eat!” The 500 calorie diet has been all over the net and radio ads. After doing research on the diet itself I decided to give it a shot, but I knew I was going to need help. I found “Transformation Weight Loss Drops” listed on Amazon and it had some great review. This is a lengthy review, but I think some people will find it helpful.