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Home - The Association for Paediatric Palliative Medicine - The Association for Paediatric Palliative Medicine (APPM) represents doctors working in paediatric palliative care across all care settings in the UK.

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  • Space Kevin - Terrible AC/DC supply

    Remember when all your smart electrical engineering friends set sail from university to go become AC/DC power supply engineers? Yeah, me neither, because that was 30+ years ago. This thing has some sort of terrible power supply problem, and it really just does not go away. If you're into sweet games and playing them on your TV in big screen mode... you won't be doing any of that. If you're really into staring at a flashing yellow alien head, this device is for you! The power supply on this thing is a piece of complete garbage. For no reason that anyone can figure out, it flashes yellow instead of booting the f-ing machine. Apparently, Dell is still stuck in like 35 year old problems of creating a simple power supply that works. What a piece of crap. I am sitting here wishing I could play a game but instead I only get a flashing alien head. Go 1980s techology... but less reliable! Woo!

  • Long Time Amazon Customer in Colorado - Great episode. Boo on Hulu/WB pulling so I had to buy this.

    Great opening episode and fidelity was top notch. I am just mad that I had to pay for this. My DVR had shut off so this did not record and they seemed to pull Flash from Hulu!!