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Estradiol, Estrone, Betamethasone - Changzhou An-Yuan Imp. & Exp. Corporation - mainly engaged in the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and nutritional ingredients.

Country:, Asia, KR

City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • ASMEQC - Works as intended at a great price.

    I used to use another brand, and this item came up while I was searching for something else on Amazon. I noticed that the price for the quantity was lower than what I have been paying in the past so I purchased it. The only difference is the odor is different, but it works just fine, for the price I will continue purchasing this item.

  • Amazon Customer - Way to small

    Cheap material and very small. I'm 5'11 and wear a 36 H bra I usually fit perfectly into a XL. Didn't know how this was going to fit and because I'm so tall not many women's tops fit right so I bought a XXL. My friend bought it from me and it fits her perfect she usually wears a medium.

  • Lee M. Williams - How I got past Blue Light of Death

    It is a great console. After a couple of days of heavy use...I ended up with Blue Screen, Click of Death Defect. System wouldn't boot. Customer Support...don't call, use the online live chat...the que is much smaller, and I have someone within 5-10 mins.

  • J. R. SOUTH - The BOMB! (In the Best Way!)

    "Joanne" is not the new Lady Gaga album that I wanted or expected. In fact, it's quirkily off-the-wall, and more Art than Art Pop. I resisted buying it for a few days, until I listened to it on Spotify. Then, when I saw Gaga's amazing performance of "Ay-O" on SNL,I was sold on it 100%. I'm listening to it as I write this. The songs have the most exciting, genuine energy, it feels like a caffeine injection. The lyrics are oddly poetic and intense, and Gaga's singing is beyond excellent: raw, emotional, and just freaking miraculous. An out-on-a-limb adventure in country, dance, pop, rock, soul, folk, and more than a touch of bathhouse cabaret. Thanks for a great CD, Lady Gaga. I doubted you, but I was wrong. Long, long may you reign.

  • MarkieB - Love it!!

    I purchased this with a discount voucher and I find this product truly magical! The sparkling nature of these lights and how they dance adds something really magical to my yard at night.

  • Korie Ramsey - great app

    Tried a few different small packages to test it out reliable and it came as shown as promised I will use again.side note remember the site is not the store where you pay for the items its a third party so don't blame the app blame the store. Great app keep up the great work guys..

  • Amber Moore - Do not recommend!

    I didn't notice a difference in my energy level at all. It made me have high blood pressure. Do not recommend!