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  • Udo's Dad - Disappointing Quality -- Not a Good Value

    I thought the quality of the material was a bit thin, even for a rain jacket. I probably would not buy it again. I ordered it because I trusted the Marmot name, but didn't live up to the name in my opinion. Not a good value for your money. I probably would return it if time had not yet expired to do so.

  • Katarina_Kiki - A Great Read!

    It is jam packed with tons of stimulating info, amazing pictures, and fun science facts. The cover is very beautiful, plus has things that really test your knowledge, and even though I have had it for about a year, I still haven't uncovered all those facts!

  • Pissedoffcustomer - It seems like it works really good but if I print tall ...

    Not sure who's at flaut here. It seems like it works really good but if I print tall parts the bottom starts warping/shrinking before the top is done printing and changes the print surface which then slowly ruins the part. I have tried a million different build plate temps, extruder temps etc. can't seem to get a really good part, could be me, the part, the part orientation. my printer, and a million other reasons so I can't for sure point the finger that the filament but thought to mention, if anyone else is having these same problems and NOT using an Ultimaker like me it could show material instability. So I give it a 4 because the price is fair and its a lot of material. I also like the big roles.

  • Mayer M. - One of the best reads of 2016

    Delightful, intelligent, and wholly addictive. If you like literary fiction with a dollop of suspense, look no further. For fans of Zoe Heller and Muriel Spark.