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  • david michael woods - plastic piece of crap and works less than half the time

    this is not as advertised. Cheap and a piece of crap. most of the time it never turns off, i have to pull a battery out to shut it down. when you push the lever the other way to create the head,it works maybe 30% of the time, usually just pours more beer just like when you pull the lever towards you......again, piece of plastic CRAP

  • Megan - Nice atmosphere

    I originally got this to dye silk with, but got the courage to dye in the washing machine (glad I did), so I have used it in the kitchen.

  • Rachel Wojo - Fresh, easy to read, and authentic!

    I'm not a tv girl, but in the last year while my daughter has battled a terminal disease, we've watched hours of Fixer Upper together on Netflix. I fell in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines. Their ability to laugh at themselves and each other and yet move through life as a team is more than inspiring. The Magnolia Story sweetly reveals the back story to this thriving couple and is such an enjoyable read. Last spring when I was in Dallas on business, I took an afternoon to drive down to Waco and check out the silos for myself. As I read the book this week, I could see and feel my spring rainy afternoon experience all over again on another level. Their keep-going attitude encourages perseverance in tough times! Thanks for sharing your faith and family lessons with the rest of us, Chip & Joanna! #onemorestep